Many people simply stumble onto their current dentist. Perhaps you are with a particular dentist because they are the closest option to your home or workplace, or maybe it’s the dentist that your family has been using for years and you go back out of habit. Perhaps they were the most convenient option when you conducted an online search after moving to a new area. But whichever way you decided on your current dentist, there’s no point in sticking around with them if they are not right for you and your dental care. Sticking with a dentist simply because you’re used to them and in a habit of going there is not always the best option for your oral health. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider getting a new dentist.

You’re Travelling a Long Distance

There’s no rule that says you have to change your dentist if you move out of the area. But if there’s nothing exceptional about your dentist and going to see them means going out of your way, it might be worth considering looking for a new dentist that’s more local to you. When you have to travel a long distance to see your dentist, you are more likely to end up missing check-up appointments and it can be harder to get the care you need if you find yourself in a dental emergency situation.

You’re Not Getting the Results You Need

Your dentist should be delivering high-quality results from every visit. If you’re not getting the results that you need, it might be time to think about getting a new dentist. If after you visit the dentist you are still dissatisfied with the results in terms of the health or the appearance of your teeth, it’s definitely worth looking for a dentist with more experience and good reviews. If you have specific dental concerns, it’s worth considering a new dentist that has specialized experience.

They Use Outdated Technology

Modern dentists have access to a range of state-of-the-art technology options that they can use to provide the treatment that you need. If your dentist is still using ancient, outdated tools, technologies and techniques to treat your dental health and any symptoms you are experiencing, you should certainly consider changing to a dentist that uses more updated and modern tech.

They Don’t Offer the Services You Need

Some dentists only offer a limited range of services. And while this might be fine if your teeth are in generally good condition and you only need a regular check-up and perhaps the occasional filling or crown, you might want to look for a new dentist if you are struggling to get the full range of services that you are looking for. If you have crowded teeth and want to have them straightened, for example, opting for a new dentist that offers orthodontic services can be easier than having to go to two different dentists while you have braces fitted.

You’re in Pain Afterwards

While some dental procedures are going to cause a little pain and discomfort afterwards, if this is becoming a common theme with your dentist and you feel that you shouldn’t be in as much pain as you are after having a simple procedure as a filling done, you should think about switching to a new dentist. Sadly, although all dentists will be equally qualified in terms of their professional training, some simply don’t pay as much attention as they should to all the little things that matter like correctly preparing your teeth.

You Don’t Feel Heard

There’s nothing worse than visiting a dentist who simply doesn’t listen to you or dismisses your concerns. If you are an anxious patient, in particular, you want to find a dentist that takes the time to really listen to any concerns that you have, explain the procedures to you clearly, and put your mind at rest. If you feel that your dentist just wants to get you in and out of the appointment as quickly as possible, they might not be the right fit for you.

Poor Service

Perhaps the quality of the treatments that you receive from your dentist is fine, but the level of patient service that you receive while attending the dentist is simply not up to scratch. If you spend more time in the waiting room than you do at your actual appointment, have appointments cancelled at the last minute, or have to deal with a high level of unresponsiveness when you need to get in touch with the practice, it’s worth considering making the move. If you’re looking for the best dentist Brisbane, Pure Dentistry can help. Pure Dentistry is committed to ensuring that you receive both the highest level of patient care and customer service at their practices, with state-of-the-art facilities and a dedication to putting you as the patient first.

Uncomfortable Atmosphere

How you feel when you walk into your dental practice can make all the difference during your appointment. Today, most modern dental practices are clean, neat and decorated in calming colours, but if you walk into the shabby decor, old, worn seats and a musty smell, it’s hardly going to have the calming and relaxing effect that you need while waiting for your appointment.

It Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Finally, sometimes there doesn’t need to be any particular reason why you might want to change your dentist. Even if the quality of care you receive is fine and you’re happy with the level of service, you might not be able to put your finger on the exact reason why you just don’t get along with your dentist or feel uncomfortable sharing important details with them. If you don’t feel comfortable around your dentist, it’s worth considering getting a new one as the easier you find it to talk to your dentist about all aspects of your oral health, the better care they will be able to provide you with.

There’s no reason to be loyal to a dentist who isn’t serving you well. If you’re experiencing any of the above, a new dentist could be just what you need.