Nights spent at home during the summer can be just what you need after a long hot day. Whether you’re staying indoors or relaxing and barbecuing patio side, a glass of wine to accompany you is definitely in order. With the massive selection of wines that are at all of our finger tips, choosing the perfect ones to quench a summer nights thirst can be a daunting task.


Rather than playing eenie-meenie-miniee-moe the next time you go to select a wine, try one of these out.


Fleur Du Cap – Chardonnay

This refreshing Chardonnay carries aromas of light cinnamon and citrus. From South Africa, this wine is rich in flavour and a more full-bodied white. We had it with steak and fruit for dessert- it paired wonderfully.


Norton Barrel Select – Malbec

This medium-bodied Malbec will leave subtle yet enjoyable hints of ripe black fruit and spicy vanilla on your tastebuds. Originating from Argentina, this red is more on the fruity side, which gives a nice balance when eating red meats.


Montecillo – Rioja

This Spain originating Rioja will leave your mouth tingling in the most pleasurable way possible. Though full-bodied, the smoothness of the wine does not go unnoticed. Aromas of rich chocolate cherry, vanilla and spice all work together to create a bold and memorable flavour.


Nederburg – Cabernet Sauvignon

A ruby tinted South African Cabernet Sauvignon will do justice to the real wine lover. This full-bodied wine encapsulates flavours of sweet cherry, liquorice and cedar. The ideal food pairing would be a grilled steak with a mozzarella flavoured sauce, or a sweet yet spicy Caribbean dish like slow-braised oxtails.


All wines are carried at your local LCBO!
Happy drinking and soaking up the summers warm nights.


Written by: Julia Shelton