A new season full of technicolour and flare and Fendi’s men’s F/W 2021-2022 collection is anything but dark and boring. This year artistic director of FENDI Accessories and Menswear Silvia Venturini truly played with the idea of bringing life back into men’s fashion with colours. Venturini calls it a ‘celebration’ of ‘light emerging from darkness.’ 


This fall/ winter campaign was directed by Nico Vascellari, giving the collection a way to express itself. The clothes and accessories always do all the talking, but Nico managed to highlight the classic looks from the menswear collection in a very artistic way, adding dimension to the metaphysical set.

As this collection is the new fall/winter, and many are waiting for the blacks, greys and browns of Fendi to shine bright, this season Venturini actually changed up the styling and made colour the focal point this season. A collection that almost resembles summer, with the textures and fabrics of winter could not be more compatible. The collection is described as “palette sees saffron, orange, fuchsia, cobalt and periwinkle colour-blocked against black, camel and charcoal, as linings, inlays and slashed seams flash with contrasting textures and shades.” 

Venturini says that the inspiration behind this season’s menswear collection is based on ‘cosmic spirit’ which is further based on the work of Noel Fielding an artist and performer who does a series of psychedelic and multicolour works. This description of the collection was truly brought to life, with the colours and the styling of each piece of clothing truly puts the viewer of the collection into a different state. The collection’s colours, materials and styling, including accessories show a psychedelic aspect. 


The accessories are a very different look that has been played out for the last little year or so. Men’s accessories are usually cut down to backpacks and duffle bags, but this year menswear all around the world has been going outside of the usual boxes and have been doing something that only women’s fashion has been known for, purses. 

Men’s fashion has always been known to be a strict set of rules but for Fendi, the brand has coloured outside of the lines in more than one area in this collection. The pieces are all made with the classic looks and logos in mind, but with added details like Noel Fielding graphic art or monogrammed mink variants of the FF logo. 

Fendi’s collection is going to be an eye-opener for many this year and has truly become a one-to-watch brand. With the vibrant theme of colours for fall and winter, Fendi is truly winning at the menswear game.