Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in British history during her 70-year reign and had indisputable global influence. Even though she passed away on September 8, 2022, she left behind a legacy that will last for many lifetimes.

Colorful dresses and matching hats became a hallmark of the Queen’s wardrobe, but in the early years of her reign, she also tried bold designs and, on rare occasions, the occasional pair of pants.

For a look back at some of Queen Elizabeth‘s most memorable fashion moments, from her modest style as a young princess to the elaborate ball gowns and velvet capes she donned as a monarch, continue reading.

Queen Elizabeth on her coronation day, January 1953

Queen Elizabeth's 1953 Coronation Dress Is Going on Display

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The Queen chose Norman Hartnell to create her iconic gown for her coronation day. The rich palette of greens, pinks, and yellows that resulted from the final design’s representation of all the realms over which the Queen would now rule was made up of silk threads, pearls, diamonds, amethysts, crystals, and sequins.

Queen Elizabeth in France, April 1957

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The Queen wore a Norman Hartnell gown to a gala performance at the Paris Opera House whilst on an official visit to France. The outfit was reportedly designed as a homage to France by the designer, who embroidered the Napoleonic insect and national flower on the skirt, according to British Vogue.

Queen Elizabeth in New Zealand, February 1977

The Crown: What Queen Elizabeth's 1977 Silver Jubilee Tour Looked Like in Real Life

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The Queen embraced pattern wearing a green and white flowery outfit with a matching bonnet while touring New Zealand in 1977. She finished off her look with white belts, gloves, handbags, and shoes.

Queen Elizabeth in Zambia, January 1979

The Queen's favourite places to visit around the world | CN Traveller

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The Queen rarely wore trousers, but in 1979, when on safari in Zambia with Prince Philip, she went toward a more contemporary appearance in a pair of khaki pants. The effortlessly stylish ensemble was finished off with a pair of sunglasses and a cream shirt with gold, red, and blue motifs.

Queen Elizabeth in Blois, France, June 1992

June 1992 The Queen on a visit to Blois, France, wearing a dress and coat designed by Ian Thomas. | Stile reale, Stile di moda, Regina elisabetta


The Queen wore a bright pink coat with taupe trimmings and a matching hat while touring France in 1992. Fashion designer Ian Thomas created the look.

Queen Elizabeth in Jamaica, February 2002

Queen Elizabeth's Best Outfits: Her Most Iconic Looks of All Time

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The Queen made a tour of Jamaica while wearing a pink and purple flowery outfit, which she complemented with a pink hat and white gloves, a handbag, and shoes.

Queen Elizabeth at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, April 2011

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles - Queen Elizabeth II Prince Charles Photos - Zimbio

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The Queen wore a light yellow dress designed by her longtime stylist, Angela Kelly, to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. The monarch donned a primrose yellow dress, a coat that matched it, and a bonnet with flowers on it. Later on in the year, Her Majesty modified the appearance for a church service in Australia, where yellow is the flag colour.

Queen Elizabeth at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, May 2018

Queen Elizabeth Attends the Royal Wedding in One of Her Favorite Shades | Prince harry, Queen elizabeth, Prince philip

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Queen Elizabeth attended the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wearing a lime-green Stewart Parvin suit. She wore an edge-to-edge coat with a lime silk tweed closure, the same material that Angela Kelly used to create the Queen’s matching hat.

Queen Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey, October 2021

Queen Elizabeth II uses cane to walk into Westminster Abbey | AP News

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Queen Elizabeth sported a royal blue coat and cap with floral accents in 2021 while going to a Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey.

Queen Elizabeth at the Platinum Jubilee, June 2022

Photos: Britain celebrates Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee : The Picture Show : NPR

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In June 2022, the 70th year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, she marked her Platinum Jubilee. Along with a matching hat, pearl jewellery, and a pair of sunglasses, Her Majesty wore a baby blue outfit with white embroidered accents.

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