Panoramic Views For Days — From Neon City Lights To Winding Country Roads. My Weeklong Adventure With Volkswagen’s All-New 2019 Arteon


                                                                                    By: Breana Adjepong-Duodu



This isn’t your souped-up “Tuner” from The Fast and Furious; the Arteon embodies the essence of German engineering & careful design. I’ll never forget when it first arrived. A stealthy silhouette turns the corner, suspension low, almost predator-like, and from a springing distance, an athletic Arteon pounces down my street. Yet it manages to pull into my driveway with nimble ease with its massive 20inch Rosario Wheels styled as turbine blades.

The Arteon’s side mirrors slide up and even on this overcast day the grill illuminates with light. The rep from VW started going over the features for this model. Truthfully, it was hard taming my inner-child long, enough to listen to anything he was saying. From the moment I laid eyes on that sweet ride, I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel.



The Arteon might as well have been renamed The Green Eggs and Ham because I took that beauty everywhere. With keys in hand and a reliable navigation system embedded into the digital cockpit, it was impossible to stay in just one city. I drove it to work, to my art studio, to the gym, uptown, downtown, I even took it to empty parking lots to play around with the arsenal of infotainment features. Let’s be real…I showed up to a friends house I haven’t talked to in years to show off my new ride. Okay… a few friends houses. Trust me, if Nurburgring was an option, the Arteon and I would have been there too!



Shades on, sunroof open, blaring Kanye’s Good Life with surround sound on my Apple CarPlay, I set out on the scenic routes in the six, giving this car a run for its money.

Driving by the waterfront and other historic sites like Liberty Village, the Junction, the Docks, you name it —  turning heads along the way. I put my car in sport-mode, for a more spirited ride through the traffic. I switched to comfort mode, to tackle the cobble-streets of Yorkville all the way to the Distillery District and tested the Driver’s Assist feature to glide into my parallel parking spot. With the vast amount of parking aids and cameras, all I could think of was, where was this hot little number when I was taking my driver’s license test?



I like my cars the way I like my clothes. Edgy and timeless. Whatever I slip on and step into each morning should have enough oomph and seduction to change the course of my day for the better. With that being said, it never occurred to me that pulling up in a red Arteon to a ceremony might well have been the same as wearing a white gown on the bride’s big day. It seemed no matter where I was…whether it was at my friend’s wedding, a club or even stopping for gas, it became the topic of conversation or the recipient of the unexpected smile and compliment. Or in this case, an impromptu attraction for the groomsmen and major competition for the bridesmaids.




“This baby corners like it’s on rails”, in the words of Julia Roberts. I packed in a few friends in the spacious Arteon, setting out to see a picturesque Belfountain in the midst of autumn. The Arteon held it’s own hitting the apex of tight bends along the hairpin turns. Tackling the steep inclines, with 4-wheel drive even when it started to pour with rain.



A decent sports car can stir up that untamed primal instinct from even the most practical of drivers. A great sports car, however, will make you feel like you have a new lease on life. As a visual artist, I appreciate the small details, like the ambient lighting and sleek lines. Weirdly, I felt like this car was made for me. It wasn’t until after I found out the name Arteon is a derivative from the Latin word for Art, truly signifying art in motion. They say dress for the job you want; I say grip the wheel for your dream lifestyle.