Abbey Choi Instagram, the Hong Kong Model Killed by ex-husband and in-laws.

Warning: This article contains descriptions of the crime that may be disturbing to read. 

Chinese model Abby Choi was brutally murdered and dismembered by her ex-husband and in-laws. Her former family members were arrested after her body parts were in the fridge and soup pots. Abbey Choi Instagram was last active on February 19th.


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On Friday, February 24th, Abby Choi’s legs were found inside of a fridge of her ex-husband’s father’s rented home. The home is located in Lung Mei, Hong Kong. Upon discovering her remains, authorities arrested her ex-husband, his parents, and older brother, who used to be Abby Choi’s driver. Abby was last seen getting into her former brother-in-law’s car.

Upon further investigation, police have revealed that the attack was “well planned and premeditated.” A missing persons investigation was launched on Tuesday after Abby Choi didn’t show up to pick up a child following pre-arranged plans.

According to superintendent Alan Chun Nga-Iun, they are still searching for her head, torso and hands, which they believe were disposed of at a different location. The superintendent added, “Someone was dissasitisided with how the victim handled her assets, which became a motive to kill.”

Inside the home, the police allegedly found a hammer, choppers, meat grinder and an electric saw. Police are still in the middle of conducting an autopsy to determine Abby Choi’s exact cause of death.