Hamas Shoots Dog Video

Warning: This is a graphic video. 

A disturbing video filmed by Hamas terrorists in Israel shows them shooting a dog. The dog can be seen walking calmly along the property located in the South of Israel when the Hamas terrorists fired at it multiple times. The dog appears to try to run at the terrorists after being shot but then gets shot multiple other times.

The video also shows Hamas walking into the house after, opening the fridge and then setting the home on fire. This video was shot during the start of the Hamas terrorist attack on innocent Israeli civilians at a music Festival Saturday morning, who had nothing to do with the politics of what is happening in the very complex Israel-Palestine conflict. While Hamas and Hamas supporters like Mia Khalifa claim this is a fight for freedom, it is not. Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by multiple countries including Canada, the U.S, the U.K and others and their actions against Israel have only incited more violence toward both innocent Israeli people and Innocent Palestinians.

who is Hamas fighters

Hamas has a history of committing atrocities against people in Palestine too, which they are supposed to be protecting. These atrocities are well-documented. There are many videos online now showing the barbaric acts of terrorism by Hamas toward Jewish people but also toward other nationalities that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time during the Nova music festival where it is believed at least 260 people were slaughtered by Hamas. While there have been multiple attempts at reaching a two-state solution, it can not be achieved while Hamas is in power and continues to commit atrocities towards Palestinians and Israelis.

Even this video of them shooting a harmless, defenceless dog shows who they are at their core. They do not care about any type of life, human or animal. If you are not familiar with the conflict I implore you to do your own research and to form your own opinion. There’s no doubt that it is a very difficult situation where many Palestinians have been suffering too but regardless of your political stance, it is okay to condemn these atrocious actions towards innocent civilians at this time. Condemning one does not mean that you do not care about Palestinians too.

Published by HOLR Magazine.