For the past several months, it’s been a challenge to keep up with our regular health and fitness routines due to the unfortunate circumstances caused by Covid-19. Many have lost motivation to get moving and off their feet, but it doesn’t have to stay this way. Although that goal for a summer bod is nearing its end, you still have a chance to redeem yourself and bring on the new fall bod instead! 

The ultimate goal when working out is to improve one’s health and to feel good about ourselves. Astoria Activewear is a lifestyle brand looking to promote exactly that. Founded in 2018, this Virginia Beach originated brand has since become the “Fastest-growing community in the world of activewear” (@astoriaactive). You may have seen their promotional ads across Facebook and/or Instagram as they are not hard to spot. Astoria Activewear carries out consistency in their style and overall presence with their eye-catching pieces that compliment the female body like no other. 

Astoria Activewear carries many items with a highlight on two primary collections, Astoria Seamless and Astoria Luxe. The seamless collection features a wide range of products all created using their custom-made fabric designed for breathability and comfort. The customized fabric helps flatter the body by hugging and contouring to all your natural curves and moving as you move. You can purchase items individually or buy coordinating ones to create a matching set. 

Their MOMENTUM zip crop and full-length leggings are perfect examples of an intended matching set. Combining ribbed texturing with scrunched detailing, this set is said to be their most intricate design yet. The strategically placed darker colouring as well as the overall design of the outfit helps to accentuate your natural features so you can flaunt what you got confidently in style. 

The Seamless collection features many other garment pieces as well ranging from an array of crop tops, biker shorts, leggings, sports bras, tees, you name it. Whether you prefer light colours, dark colours, or even ombre colours the Astoria Seamless feature section has something with your name on it. 

The Astoria Luxe collection was designed for durability and comfort. The line features coordinating sets like Astoria Seamless but in a more simplistic nature. Take the Luxe CHARGE set for example. The top comes in a tank style with a cross wrap front, a built-in bra, and a tie-up back. The bottoms are mid-calf length leggings featuring a high waist with cinched detailing in the front. When worn together, the set complements the body incredibly making it understandable as to why they are the best-selling Astoria Luxe items available!

On their site alone, over 1,100 people have reviewed the brand giving it 4.9/5 stars putting emphasis on the comfortability, breathability, looks, and even Astoria’s amazing customer support. If you have a following on social media and have a love for the company, you can become a team representative for Astoria Activewear to help promote and spread awareness of the flattering athletic brand and receive free merchandise with a possibility for commission. 

When working towards your new fitness goals go out in style and confidence. Check out Astoria Activewear’s many products and find what works for you. The high-quality and care you’ll receive will have you coming back for more again and again. 

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