Offering a selection of elevated yoga and wellness essentials, B Yoga’s products are produced with an emphasis on performance, comfort, and contemporary design. Making products for all kinds of yogis, B Yoga’s products are for the real world, to meet the needs of real people. 

With their new sleep collection, B Yoga wants to emphasize the importance of self-care. Especially during this time of uncertainty, self-care is vital for productivity, our overall happiness and much much more. If only we recharged our bodies and minds as often as we did our devices. B Yoga’s sleep products have been designed to elevate and enhance your relaxation during the quiet moments of rest and sleep. Their sleep items make the perfect additions to your daily routines, and along with their other products, relaxation and self-care are easy to achieve the ideal balance in your life.

This Mother’s Day, give the special mother in your life a gift that will help them with their self-care and bring them peace and relaxation. Here are some items from B Yoga we have put together:


The B MAT Everyday 4mm has been our top-selling mat since the beginning. The B MAT Everyday is designed with every-yogi in mind. With a superior grip, cushioning and lightweight construction, it’s perfect for super sweaty and fast-moving practices, or room-temp classes with long holds — the B MAT Everyday is for every-practice.

  • Incredibly grippy mat
  • Do not need to use a yoga towel
  • Great cushioning and lightweight
  • Great for any practice from hot to hatha
  • OEKO-TEX Certified

Made in: Spain


Silk Sleep Mask – Marbled Gold

The Silk Sleep Mask keeps the light out in the most luxurious way, whether at home or while travelling. Soft 100% silk and extra-wide — the Silk Sleep Mask will help you fall into a restful sleep and stay in a night of restful sleep for the most satisfying form of self-care.

  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Temperature regulating and breathable
  • Pure silk, hypoallergenic
  • One size fits all, oversized with ruched silk/elastic strap.


The Mat Strap – Natural

The Mat Strap carries your yoga mat so you can move easily
to and from class, hands-free. Vegan leather, the Mat Strap adjusts
to hold yoga mats of every size.

  • Natural Leather made in Montreal, Canada
  • Move easily to and from practice
  • Adjustable straps, perfect for any size B MAT



For B Yoga founder Andrea Morris, yoga has always been more than just a hobby. Andrea developed her vision for B Yoga at The Stewart Group, her family’s fifth-generation manufacturing and technology company. She was working with an innovative type of rubber, created initially for carpet pads when she realized that the material’s distinctive qualities – its exceptionally grippy texture, its eco-friendliness and its durability – could make it the perfect yoga mat. And so, after endless prototyping and fine-tuning, the B MAT was born. Ever since, B Yoga has made it their priority to bring simple, enduring yoga staples to the yoga community in Canada, the USA and internationally.