If you love Peloton, you’re going to love them even more, or if you’ve always wanted to try Peloton now is your chance. Peloton is offering a summer pass, one with access to multiple outdoor workouts all summer long.

This summer pass comes at the perfect time, after a year of staying cooped up inside and working out wherever you could find space, Peloton wants you to get moving and do it outdoors. Peloton says that spending time outside with nature can boost your mood, relieve stress, enhance brain cognition, improve sleep and daytime energy, and that’s what they want for you!

Peloton is known to be one of the best workouts machinery on the market, first introducing their at-home cycling bike with live classes, and now expanding into the treadmill market. All the Peloton equipment has been known to work really well for users and keep them motivated with live classes that you and everyone else can join virtually. 

Peloton was virtual before COVID, but they sure kept people in shape all year long with their classes and challenges. Now Peloton is challenging you to keep moving but with a change of scenery. Peloton is offering users a summer pass. Now until July 31st you can join the Peloton Summer pass and get the 3 months to pass all for the price of one, costing $16.99.

As a new member this is a great deal and a great way to learn about Peloton, get a feel for it and of course start working out! Pelotons app includes 10 different disciplines including strength, running, meditation, yoga and much more. You can filter classes by length, instructor, music or type, and it will also keep track of you that way you can keep track of your goals and even receive badged when you accomplish certain workouts. 

Peloton really wants its users to get moving and do it while outside. Some of the best classes include Focus Flow on the beach with Peloton yoga instructor Ross Rayburn or a Hip Hop Run with Peloton instructor Adrian Williams along a local trail. 

This summer pass is a great way to get people active and away from the couch. Many people who use Peloton at home are used to the indoor lifestyle, and not that Peloton is great for at-home workouts, but now it can be even better because they are getting you out of the house and into the outdoors. 

Join now until July 31st and get the first 3 months for the price of one!

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