A viral meme of Adele sitting courtside was just addressed by the singer. HOLR breaks it down below.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @delly.fromtheblock, Adele recently took to the stage to address a viral meme of herself from when she was seemingly sitting courtside at a basketball game. In the clip, she claims that she wanted to add some more context to the viral footage that shows the star pursing her lips and allegedly looking annoyed as the camera pans to her.

Adele Viral Meme

As Adele claims in the clip, she really “doesn’t like being famous.” As a result, she was with her man Rich sitting courtside at a basketball game one day, and while he was “working the room” talking to players, Adele was sitting there by herself. Then, the people with the camera allegedly came by and asked her twice if they could film her and put her on the screen, to which she replied “Please don’t,” as she had just “canceled Vegas.” She allegedly did not want to be put on the screen.

“They came back and they filmed me,” she alleges. “The reason I looked like a different person was because I was sulking,” claimed Adele who alleges that they reportedly came back and filmed her “against her will.”  She was seemingly annoyed and looking everywhere but the camera as she asked not to be filmed. “also my face is just very memeable, I can’t help it,” she joked.

As a result, the viral meme of Adele with her alleged “I don’t give a flying f*ck” facial expression went viral online.

Published by HOLR Magazine. 

Image credits: @delly.fromtheblock TikTok