Since the tragic day in October when on a Hollywood film set, cinematographer Elena Hutchins has tragically shot and fatally wounded by a prop gun, Alec Baldwin has been silent about the ongoing investigation. Now, almost 2 months later, he hosted an interview with ABC. 

On October 21st, 2021, Alec Baldwin was involved in the fatal shooting involving a ‘prop gun’ on the set of Rust a film being shot in New Mexico. At the time, it was breaking news that an incident had happened on a film set and all that was known was Alec was involved.

As the day went on, and photos and the police recording got around, people found out that the gun had gone off, and multiple people had injuries. Later that night husband of cinematographer Elena Hutchins had announced her passing.

Daily Mail

This devastating tragedy had Hollywood and the rest of the world panicking, and immediately many film sets and studios had immediately banned any use of guns on film sets.

The result of this shows that real guns are used on set for the purpose of looking better in films, but with the advancement of CGI, people have petitioned and questioned why they cannot be fixed or edited in post.

During his interview with ABC, Alec made the statement of his sadness for the loss of his friend Elena. Alec made it clear that he too questioned the gun, and confessed that he in fact did not shoot it, and never would point a gun at someone.

In the interview, you can tell how distraught Alec was from the loss of his friend and the act that took place on a film set. Now for Hollywood and the rest of the world, we can only hope that gun control becomes something that can be controlled and taken care of.

Article published by HOLR Magazine