Alexa and Carlos PenaVega cope with their daughter’s stillbirth.

Actor Alexa PenaVega and her husband, Carlos PenaVega, known for his role in Big Time Rush,” revealed the heartbreaking news of the stillbirth of their daughter, Indy Rex PenaVega. As mentioned by CBS, the couple shared the news on Monday, expressing the challenges of coping with such a loss.

In a joint Instagram statement, they conveyed the difficulty of finding the right words in moments of loss. They described their daughter’s birth as peaceful but acknowledged the pain they had been experiencing. Alexa PenaVega shared a pregnancy vlog from the hospital on March 18, detailing her struggles with the pregnancy, including bleeding and concerns about her baby’s movement.


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“My history with this pregnancy has not been easy,” she shared, citing complications with her placenta that required hospitalization for monitoring and management.

The PenaVegas did not disclose specifics about Indy’s birth but emphasized how she had already impacted their lives profoundly. They fondly described her appearance, as resembling her father with dark hair. The couple expressed the waves of grief they have been experiencing since Indy’s passing, alternating between feeling devastated and finding solace in precious moments spent with her.

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