Over the last couple of months the media has been trending with the same three topics, racial protesting, the coronavirus, and the US election, but what we do not realize is how brainwashed we’ve become to the media coming from news outlets; including incorrect facts, false stories, and new beliefs. 

The media has become something that we trust and look to for information, but with so many outlets that allow for media to spread information so fast it can get lost in translation and facts can become false and twisted. 

It can be hard for a lot of people to think and understand that the media, like the news, can be fake, and untrue, but the fact is, it is. The news especially isn’t there to be your friend, to tell you what is right and wrong. If the media was your friend, they would be telling you the proper facts, including the ones they promised to share. 

When it comes to proper journalism, the media used to be the first to break the news when specific events happened, or if there was a change that needed to be documented. But that isn’t the way the media works anymore. 

The media has spread from big-time news outlets to small-time Instagram and Twitter accounts. Journalism has turned a page on ethics. It is not about the right facts, it is about who releases the facts first, and with such big competition, it doesn’t matter if those facts are right or not. 

When you break it down to what has been happening over the last few months, you realize that the media isn’t what it used to be, or even what you thought it to be at all. The coronavirus coverage on the news is only negative information, showing and telling people facts that aren’t even proven. Each day the news outlets change these facts, and never get their story straight. 

The same is happening with the US election. The facts are stated as matters of opinion, being force-fed information that the media outlets want you to hear, rather than what needs to be heard. The media and all these outlets are only showing viewers what they want to be heard, for example in many cases the fact that these platforms are in favour of the democrats, yet they do not give any justification or explanation as to why. 

These outlets have turned into fake news, and as hard as that is to believe it is true. The media has become a place of brainwashing, telling you what you need to believe, but not telling you why you should be believing it.

To think, the next time you turn on your tv or open up Twitter, make sure the only bit of information you should be absorbing from them as true is only what the weather is like out today.