Escort Boys Season Two Release Date

n the picturesque setting of Camargue, four young men facing serious challenges turn to the unconventional world of escorting to rescue their childhood beekeeping estate. Guided by the group’s spirited little sister, who manages this distinctive ‘business’ in the region, they embark on a journey of providing companionship to women and, in the process, discover what it means to be modern men.

“Escort Boys” is a French television series created by Ruben Alves, streaming on Prime Video since December 22, 2023. The show explores the theme of male escorting, drawing inspiration from the Israeli series “Johnny and the Knights of the Galilee,” and is set in France’s Camargue region.

The show has not been picked up for a second season by Prime yet but the creator says that he is ready to go and that once given the greenlight they will begin filming right away so people don’t have to wait two years for season two of Escort Boys.

Escort Boys Season two release

Escort Boys Serie Cast

The escorting group comprises four individuals: Ben (Guillaume Labbé), Zack (Corentin Fila), Mathias (Simon Ehrlacher), and Ludo (Thibault Evrard), along with Ben’s younger sister, Charly (Marysole Fertard).

What is Escort Boys Prime About?

In Camargue, these four young men, driven by their respective struggles and a delightful chaos, stumble upon the idea of selling their companionship. Novices at first, but with the mischievous support of the group’s little sister, they establish a unique escort service in the region. Each encounter becomes a life lesson for them. Amid family dynamics, deceit, and increasingly unexpected requests, they must learn to juggle their responsibilities to revive the family estate and finally find their way out of their predicaments.

Where was Escort Boys Filmed?

Prime Original series Escort Boys was filmed in Camargue, France.he Camargue is a region located in the south of France, primarily in the delta of the Rhône River. It’s known for its unique natural beauty, with vast wetlands, salt marshes, and unique flora and fauna, including the famous white horses, black bulls, and pink flamingos. The Camargue is a popular destination for its wildlife, birdwatching, and its distinct cultural heritage.

Where was Escort Boys filmed

Marysole Fertard Age

French actress Marysol Fertard stars as Charly in the show Escort Boys. Charly is the 17-year-old sister of Ben who is played by actor Guillame Labbé. You may recognize Guillame Labbé from his role on Netflix’s Hookup Plan. Marysol Fertard date of birth is April 17 2000. Marysol Fertard is currently 23-years-old.

Marysole Fertard Age

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