Blume is an all-natural, sustainable and cruelty-free brand that was created to provide customers with complete transparency when it comes to knowing what you’re putting on your skin. The ingredients listed on the products are easy to read, and derived from nature’s best. The brand not only ensures that its products are not a threat to the body, but also the environment.


Blume came about as a result of two Canadian sisters, Taran and Bunny, whose mission was to break the stigma around periods and the many issues females face when it comes to their bodies.

Although the brand predominantly targets a Gen Z audience, Blume has one product, in particular, that is a must-have for women of any age looking to fight stubborn acne.

Blume Meltdown Acne Oil

Even cystic and hormonal zits are no match for their tiny but fierce facial oil. Made from a powerful combo of all-natural ingredients, just one drop will work its magic on stubborn acne. The perfect combo, it never leaves skin dry or oily—just crystal clear. Simply apply to spots and blemishes before bed and wake up to the most miraculous results. Or, dab it on those ones that you feel are about to make an appearance to stop them from ever seeing the light of day. Meltdown averted!

Blume also offers a range of other sustainable products including organic pads and tampons.

As well as, a cleanser, moisturizer, deodorant and even oil to help with period cramps. The Cloud 9 oil contains a heavenly blend of essential oils made to lift your spirits and ease the pain when your body is feeling like a total PMS mess.