Inspired by a call to amplify melanated voices in the beauty space, Canadian beauty entrepreneur Sina Zere has dissolved her 1’Lux Beauty brand and merged the current zero-tox, luxurious capsule collection of skincare and body care into the existing all-natural intimate care and salon-grade grooming tools brand,  Buff Experts. Buff Experts has launched a complete rebrand, embracing labels with bold new colours and curvy diverse figures – something that is rare to find on the labels of any beauty products on the market. No need to worry though, the award-winning 1’Lux formulas and prices will stay the same.

Feeling empowered by the ongoing conversation surrounding Black Lives Matter, Sina Zere was inspired to lead the way in diverse beauty packaging and messaging.

“Our new packaging is bold and juicy to reflect the vibrancy and beauty of every woman’s body. As a black business owner in the beauty space, I know how important it is to embrace all types of beauty in the various shades and shapes they come in and to showcase that beauty as much as possible” Sina Zere mentioned. “I am Eritrean and am fascinated by the flora and fauna of my heritage- I’ve even incorporated African-inspired ingredients like guava, aloe, prickly pear, honey, sesame, and coffee into my line. These ingredients have been the source of Eritrean women’s beauty routines for centuries and I wanted to honour this with Buff Experts”.
The new direction aligns well with Buff Wax Spot’s latest launch of Black Lives Matter tees.