Anderson Cooper was forced to duck during a live CNN broadcast while sirens blared and explosions were heard nearby. 

Anderson Cooper was engaging in a live broadcast in Tel Aviv when nearby rockets seemingly interrupted his CNN live shot, as shown in the viral video below posted by user @cnn on TikTok.


During a live TV broadcast, explosions near Tel Aviv, Israel, interrupted Anderson Cooper’s air segment with Matthew Chance. #CNN #Israel #News

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In the clip, Cooper can be seen telling the camera that “Sirens are going off, which has not occurred here today or the last several days.” He claims the blaring sirens started approximately 15-30 seconds ago in which explosions can then be heard nearby, causing Cooper to jump slightly and duck during the broadcast. Cooper tells the camera, “That sounded like an Iron Dome interception.”

“That was a rather large explosion,” Cooper states to the camera. “That is something we have not heard very much here in Tel Aviv.”

Iron Dome Israel

Cooper then claims that he thinks that the crew is “fine” in their location, and questions whether or not that was an Iron Dome interception to which Matthew Chance, CNN Senior International Correspondent, claims, “I’ve never heard anything like that in Tel Aviv, not since I’ve been here.”

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