Andrew Tate COVID Vaccine

Following his time locked up in a Romanian prison, Andrew Tate has expressed a different stance on getting the COVID vaccine. Tate was initially against getting the vaccine but posted on Twitter today saying otherwise. View the tweet below.

Andrew Tate Getting COVID VaccineAndrew Tate Accusers Crowdfund

Three women who accused Andrew Tate, the controversial “manosphere” influencer, of abuse and sexual assault are crowdfunding to sue him for compensation.

Andrew Tate and his brother were released from a Romanian prison. The decision has left the women dismayed, as they believe it allowed Tate to continue his abusive behavior and exploit other women, including in Romania, where he and his brother Tristan are under house arrest for suspected human trafficking, rape, and sexual exploitation.

Tate, known as the “king of toxic masculinity,” has built a huge online following for promoting money-making schemes and lifestyle content, including advocating the “loverboy” method to recruit and groom women into webcam sex work. Two of the women involved in the civil action claim they were abused while working for Tate’s webcam business in the UK.

The women’s crowdfunding page on Crowdjustice has already received pledges of £6,925 ($8,600) from more than 260 donors, with a target of £50,000. The women hope their civil suit will pressure police to reopen a criminal investigation against Tate and seek justice for his alleged victims. Tate has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, both in the UK and Romania. His lawyer claimed that the women “wanted money because [he] fired them” in response to VICE World News questions in January about the criminal complaint laid by his former employees.

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