The days of panicking over sending risky texts are over – you can thank Apple for that. In the new operating system iOS 16 update, users will be able to edit and unsend iMessages along with more key features. Hip Hip Hooray!

iOS 16 new update edit and unsend iMessages

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This fall will forever change the texting game for Apple product users. At the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple unveiled its plans for iOS 16. Among the many key features and enhancements that Apple plans to introduce, the most applauded update involves the undoing and editing text messages. 

The Senior software engineering VP Craig Federighi of Apple stated, “We’re adding three of the most highly-requested features to Messages.” “First, have you ever sent a message only to immediately realize you didn’t quite say what you intended? Well, no worries. Because now, you can edit any message you just sent. So embarrassing typos can be a thing of the past,” Federighi explained.

According to Apple, users will be able to edit and unsend messages for up to 15 minutes after sending them. In addition, another update to iMessages will allow users to mark the texts they have sent as unread when they are too busy to reply right away but want to respond at a later time. Lastly, users will also have the ability to recover their recently deleted messages for up to 30 days after terminating them.

Other Important Features in iOS 16

New Features for iOS 16

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While the messages update might have the internet celebrating (learn from this Twitter – let us edit tweets), there are many other noteworthy features included in iOS 16. 

These include:

  • Safety Check: This feature gives those in domestic or partner abuse situations to immediately restrict and reset the access they previously gave to others
  • Lock screen: Users can now customize their lock screens by choosing different fonts, styles, colours for the date and time. There are also new widgets and users can switch between different lock screens throughout the day. Also, notifications are now placed at the bottom of the screen
  • Apple Pay Later: This enhancement to Apple Pay will allow users to split their payments in 4 equal payments over the period of 6 weeks. It will also let users check their debt in Apple wallet 
  • Apple CarPlay: This update includes automated Siri voice messages. It also provides new changes in the CarPlay system, such as a new aesthetic/layout, designs, and more
apple iOS 16 new features

Image Credit: Apple

Which feature are you most excited about? 

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