Each year since its initial release in 2007, fans of Apple have looked forward to the innovation and technology that comes with a new iPhone. This year, after their 34th phone, Apple has announced the iPhone Macro challenge, where photographers from around the globe will use the 13 edition of the phone to take photos of the smaller things in life. 


Today, Apple has announced 10 winners, these winners include people from China, Italy, Thailand and many more, and Canadian photographer Peter McKinnon was one of the judges on the panel who looked after thousands of submissions.

Shot on iPhone images have done wonders for everyone and anyone who uses an iPhone, whether they are just capturing a special family moment at a backyard birthday party, or they are a professional photographer who puts all their trust in the quality of an iPhone camera, this technology allows people to expand their horizons and make memories that last forever. 

The iPhone 13 Pro lineup is some of the most advanced technology made by Apple, and for the first time has the ability for the user to capture images with the new macro lens. A macro lens is something that has only ever been used in professional cameras and Apple has been able to unlock that lens with their new and latest iPhone 13 Pro. The macro challenge is a way for artists, photographers and everyday iPhone users to unlock the beauty that is a bit harder to see than the naked eye. 

The 10 submissions that won the Macro challenge have unlocked a new look, a beautiful landscape that nobody has been able to achieve with an iPhone until now. Many images submitted and that have won are those of nature and florals, these two things are both so natural and have so many characteristics that allow for the macro lens to unlock something that many people have never seen before. 

“Sea Glass” by Guido Cassanelli

“Sea Glass” by Guido Cassanelli from Argentina is something so in-depth, something that many people have seen in person, but have not seen the characteristics of the sea glass and the thousands of miles of travel that it shows. 

“Art in Nature” by Prajwal Chougule

“Art in Nature” by Prajwal Chougule from India is an early morning photo of a spider web covered in dewdrops. This photo is something you wouldn’t believe close up is a spiderweb, but nature truly has a lot of characteristics that surprise you. 

“Honeycomb” by Tom Reeves

“Honeycomb” by Tom Reeves, from the USA, is a photo that captures 1 perfectly imperfect snowflake in dog hair. Upclose many people do not know that no 2 snowflakes are alike, so the iPhone macro lens truly allows the naked eye to see those patterns. 

Alongside the new lens for the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple has also advanced their other lenses including ultra-wide, wide and telephoto lenses, something else that can be a great way to broaden your horizons and allow you to start capturing photos that you wouldn’t expect. 

Apple is always encouraging their customers to go above and beyond with their products, so if you are using an iPhone 13 Pro, take advantage, use the lenses and start experiencing the world through an Apple iPhone lens. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine