Are Demi Sims and Eve Gale a couple? 

HOLR breaks down the alleged claims.

Demi Sims Girlfriend

According to this TikTok video posted by user @newswithnat, rumor has it that Demi Sims and Eve Gale are reportedly dating.

Eve Gale Love Island

As the TikToker claims, Eve and her sister, Jess, allegedly appeared on Demi Sims’ podcast (Sims Squared) in which they reportedly talked about their love lives and spilled some tea. According to the TikToker, this is where Eve supposedly exposed that she and Demi always allegedly had a close friendship after meeting at an event years ago.

Demi Sims Dating History

Allegedly, the pair went on their first official date.

Apparently, Demi was nervous about how this would go but the two had a great time. However, fans are confused as to whether this is legitimate or not or if the duo are just close friends. As the TikToker notes, there is also speculation that the pair are just claiming this on camera in order to boost the podcast ratings.

Eve Gale Demi Sims

Their current relationship status has not been confirmed as of yet but the pair definitely seem to have a close bond!

What are your thoughts on the duo allegedly dating?

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Image Credits: @newswithnat TikTok

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