Trouble in paradise? A lip reader deciphers what went on between the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck exchange at the Grammys!

Trouble in paradise for Ben and Jen? The couple appeared to be fighting during the Grammys during a live segment.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

According to this article, the now-viral clip shows “Ben leaning over towards Jen to whisper something in her ear.” Shortly after Jen whips her head around and “sternly says something to him.” Ben then fixes his stance and says something. As mentioned in the article, Jen rolls her eyes and looks down at the floor before noticing the camera that’s focused on them. By then, she turns her attention to the show’s host, Trevor Noah, laughing and smiling at what he just said.”

jennifer lopez ben affleck

Image Credit: CBS (Dailymail.com)

Users flooded the comments of posts making fun of the situation, to try to figure out what went down during the heated exchange. One user offered the below commentary:

jennifer lopez

Image Credit: Perez Hilton Twitter

Perez Hilton even re-posted the video to his Twitter page.

jennifer lopez

Image Credit: Perez Hilton Twitter

Apparently, (as mentioned in this article here) the conversation between the two was transcribed by a lipreader (commissioned by DailyMail.com) who determined Jen had said the following to Ben:

“Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated,” Jen reportedly says. Affleck replies, “I might.”

What do you think of the couple’s on-screen exchange?

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