Are Harry and Meghan heading for splitsville? New rumors alleging the couple is experiencing trouble in paradise are running rampant online.

HOLR breaks down the alleged claims involving the Royal couple.

Harry and Meghan Latest

June 24, 2024– According to this recent tweet posted by user @RoyallyBlunt on X, new blind item claims about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are out. They are claiming that the two are reportedly heading for splitsville.

Harry and Meghan Fight

As the tweet claims, rumors of public arguments and allegations that Harry is searching for a home in the UK have caused a frenzy online with people claiming that Harry is trying to find a way out of the relationship in which the duo is supposedly headed for divorce.

The blind items outlined in the tweet are allegedly about Harry and Meghan, in which one claims that earlier in June things were tense between the two at an event which caused guests to reportedly leave early to avoid an alleged “blowout” fight.

The other blind item claim suggests that Harry is reportedly looking for a home in his home (the UK) – which is allegedly the first step in a split. Again- this is all alleged.

Harry and Meghan have been under public scrutiny for years after it was revealed that the duo was moving to the US from the UK in an attempt to step back from Royal duties and raise their family away from the public eye. The couple’s seemingly private life has since been under heavy media scrutiny.

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