Are the couples from Perfect Match still together? Let’s find out.

Which couples from Perfect Match are sill together in real life? HOLR is breaking it down.

Who won Perfect Match?


Dom and Georgia were chosen as the winners of Perfect Match on Netflix.

dom and georgia

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Dom and Georgia Still Together?

It seems as though the two are no longer together. Georgia has been spending time with ex-boyfriend and former Too Hot To Handle co-star, Harry Jowsey. The pair have been posting one another on social media recently and have allegedly rekindled their romance.

Dom reportedly may have found a connection with former Perfect Match co-star Ines Tazi.

Chloe and Shayne Perfect Match

Chloe recently chatted with about her love triangle on the show, which included her ex-boyfriend Mitchell Eason and her new connection, Shayne Jansen. She reportedly had no regrets about her decisions stating, “I needed to date Shane and then date Mitchell to really see how different they were. Not comparing them to each other but to also my inner self. Like, how do I feel being with these individual men? Do I feel strong, empowered, loved, cared for? And it really opened my mind to what Chloe actually wants in a man.”

Although Chloe has not confirmed a relationship with either party outside of Perfect Match, from recent social media posts it seems like Chloe and Shayne have gone their separate ways. According to this article, Chloe seemingly hinted at a breakup in a TikTok video posted by Shayne’s ex-fiance Natalie Lee. The pair were former contestants in Love Is Blind season 2 on Netflix.

Bartise and Izzy Still Together?

Although the two planned to continue dating once the show ended, neither party has confirmed a relationship outside of the show as mentioned here. This article states that the two reportedly broke up but still follow one another on social media so seem to have ended things on good terms.

joey and kariselle

Image Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Joey and Kariselle Still Engaged?

As mentioned here, it looks like Joey and Kariselle are no longer the show’s IT couple. The two reportedly broke up after Perfect Match, which was revealed in an interview with Today.

Here’s what Joey had to say: “We both sort of agreed right now we need to step away from each other. That’s for the best, but her and I have so much love for each other,” Joey said.

It seems as if things changed once the two were back to reality. “When I was there, I was like, ‘This is the perfect person I want to spend the rest of my life with.’ When you finish filming, you go back to reality. There’s a lot of life things to deal with,” Joey said. “We have been such good friends for such a long time. And as of right now, we’re really working on repairing the friendship before anything else.”

Nick and LC Perfect Match

According to this article, we don’t know for sure if the couple is still together following the show’s finale. As one of the later couples to solidify their connection, they weren’t 100% on being each other’s perfect match at the time.

“The simple answer is no [we are not the perfect match],” Nick said at the finale. “We talked about it, but we can’t say we are the perfect match. I think it’d be ridiculous.” LC “100 percent” agreed with this statement. Looks like we’ll have to keep an eye on social media to see what happens with these two!

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