The final episode of Perfect Match Season 2 just dropped and people have questions.

Perfect Match Season 2 Spoilers

Spoilers ahead!

June 21, 2024– Perfect Match Season 2 episode 10 just dropped and the audience wants to know who is still together from the show.

Is anyone still together from perfect match

According to this recent HOLR article, Chris discussed how only one couple from the latest season is still together following the show wrapping. However, the couple that is allegedly still together is not named.

In the season finale. we see these final matches come together:

Is there a Perfect Match Reunion?

Micah and Kaz

These two have had a roller coaster of a relationship throughout the series but in the end, we saw Kaz leave Christine for his initial match, Micah. The two found their way back to one another after a crazy ride of a season in which Micah told Kaz that he was the only person she wanted to be in the villa with. They end up matching in the final episode.

Still together?  

Micah and Alara live together so some have speculated that she and Kaz. broke up. However, Micah has posted countless pics of her and Kaz from the show on IG so does this mean they still have some sort of relationship? It is unclear.

Alara and Stevan

One of the villa’s strongest matches, Alara and Stevan, ended up matching in the final episode. The duo has been solid since practically the beginning of the series. It came as no surprise that they stayed strong until the end of the series.

Still together?  

It is unclear. Alara and Micah live together so people online have assumed that Stevan and Alara may have called it quits. We will have to see if this is the case.

Izzy and Jess

Jess was initially with Harry but a controversial alleged kiss between him and Melinda went viral which caused Jess and Harry’s relationship to seemingly crumble on the show. Jess ended up matching with Izzy in the final episode, who was a recent newcomer. The two both starred in different seasons of Netflix’s Love is Blind.

Still together?  

Jess left the series in the final episode and unmatched with Izzy because she still had feelings for Harry. It is alleged that Jess and Harry dated following the Season 2 finale but that they are now broken up. Allegedly, Jess is dating Ariel Gomerez from Love is Blind Season 6.

Christine and Nigel

As two newcomers in the series, Christine and Nigel were put on a date in the final episode and matched with one another after Kaz revealed that he wanted to go back to his initial match, Micah- as Kaz and Christine were previously matched. The duo (Christine and Nigel) met in New York before the show and decided to explore their relationship by matching on the show’s final episode.

Still together?  

Christine and Nigel ended up winning Perfect Match Season 2 and the duo took a trip to Thailand together. She also ends up calling Nigel her “person.”

It is unclear if the pair are still together following the show and this all-expense paid trip they received as winners.

Chris and Tolú

Chris and Tolú ended up matching in the final episode after having matched previously. They had a few ups and downs throughout the series- with Chris going on a date with Melinda and talking with Xanthi at the Boy’s Day- but they found a way to navigate their relationship in which they matched in the final episode.

Still together?  

It is unclear but Tolú has posted some cryptic social media posts alleging that the duo may no longer have a romantic relationship. We will have to see if this is the case.

Elys and Bryton

Elys was initially with Justin but she ended up matching with Bryton- who she found extremely attractive. The duo’s relationship was fairly new.

Still together?  

The duo supposedly had a plan to stay together post Perfect Match but Elys has supposedly been linked to Nathan Soan from Too Hot To Handle recently. Bryton is now reportedly dating someone new as well.

Looks like we will have to wait and see which couple is supposedly still together from the show.

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