Perfect Match co-stars Elys Hutchinson and Melinda Melrose are reportedly not friends. What happened?

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June 20, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @ashleyvera__, Elys claimed that she and Melinda are “not friends.”

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As outlined in a viral interview clip featuring Elys, Elys claimed that Melidna should’ve pulled Jess aside to tell her about the kiss with Harry as opposed to telling her in front of all of the women. However, she states that “at least it’s all out in the open.”

She claimed that the incident where Melinda told Jess about the kiss with Harry was like a “meeting room” in which the atmosphere was “very serious” and Elys said that she felt sorry for Jess at that moment. She alleges that Melinda only did it to “cause some drama.”

Elys also stated that she is “not friends with Melinda” in which she doesn’t care what she says. She also alleged that Melidna looked” happy” delivering the news to Jess about the infamous alleged kiss with Harry.

What do you think about the drama between the girls in the Perfect Match Season 2 villa?

New episodes drop tomorrow, June 21, for the latest season of Perfect Match.

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