The past year has been tough, but silver lining, there are marvelous, delicious things popping up! Coming together to ensure the best for the safety and support of everyone has inspired people to create something fantastic. One of these fantastic things, which is highly recommended that you check out, is a South American food Café/to-go place on St Clair & Dufferin, La Tienda. A South American stop’n’shop and food vendors offering top quality meals, snacks, and desserts. Quick, friendly, wonderful service & delicious food as the perfect combination of a home-made meal and traditional street food. The three vendors offer classic meals from Countries such as El Salvador, Cuba, and the Durango region of Mexico. There is symbolism behind each meal, family traditions passed down, and the taste is beyond words, you’ll have to go try for yourself.

Pupusas To Go

The newest food stand in La Tienda, Pupusa To Go, a husband and wife team cooking the most delicious comfort food, perfect as a snack or meal for any time of day! The founders Yino Castro and Ciara Castro-Cottone started Pupusa To Go to introduce the flare and flavour of the Pupusas to Torontonians.

Pupusas are a corn flower dough filled with ingredients such as cheese, zucchini, beef, and beans, with the option to pick and choose which fillings you want. Pupusas are a traditional street food in El Salvador, popularized in the 1960’s, now a common and loved food found on most streets in El Salvador.

Ciara Castro-Cottone is a very talented chef, she can whoop up delicious Pupusa’s catered to your desires in a matter of minutes! Whipping up your preferred fillings, in a matter of minutes, then served with a crunchie curtido slaw and tarte tomato purée added on top of the Pupusas, these finger foods are eaten by ripping it to eat piece by piece The experience of eating is not only delicious, but also a lot of fun.

Best served with “ Kolashanpan”, a common soda drink from El Salvador that tastes similar to a cream soda. This delicious drink will be available at the booth in a month!

Visit the booth in La Tienda on St Clair W or visit their Website & Instagram for orders and more delicious Pupusas.


Traditional Mexican cuisine from the Durango region, HeyWey’s booth is located at the front of La Tienda. Founder Rocío García Hernández provides authentic traditional tasty treats prepared fresh for each order. Offering freshly made classic’s such including perfect, tightly rolled taquitos, beautiful display and sweet tasting Churro’s, and warm, flavourful fried Quesada’s.

They also serve mouth water classics you may have never heard of including Gorditas, Plato de Guisado (a traditional rice stew), and a favourite, Leche cake. A Traditional Mexican cake smothered in 3 milks. For reference, it’s that perfect middle ground of cheesecake & classic white cake. HeyWey offers it in Vanilla & Peach, and chocolate. This is not a dessert you want to miss.

HeyWey places grave importance on keeping in touch with the culture and heritage by hosting events and celebration in honour of traditional Mexican holidays, including the infamous “dia de los muertos” – The Day of The Dead. There are costumes, dances, parties, and of course traditional and holiday treats including sugar skulls. Be sure to try their special holiday dishes, and learn about the traditions of Mexico and the Durango region while trying delicious new foods!

Olguita La Camagueyana

Then we finally hit traditional Cuban homemade meals at “Olguita La Camagueyana”, with chef Maria Worker. Traditional meals prepared fresh every day, recipes & dishes passed down from generations, giving you the feel of home. The rice & beans with pulled beef and fried plantains is the perfect lunch. It’s filing, freshly made, and satisfies all cravings; The rice and beans are filling, healthy veggies with minor yet tasteful spices, the fried plantains satisfy a sweet tooth without being too sweet, the pulled beef is juicy and compliments the rice and beans beautifully, served with a fresh avocado on the side for something light. Best drink pairing is definitely bubbly water, specifically San Pellegrino. If you need more or want something smaller, Maria Workers garlic butter shrimp is some of the best seafood you will have. The shrimps are jumbo and juicy, and Maria’s method of prepping the oil, garlic, and butter makes the final result a delicate, even, combination of all flavours in each bite. The chef Maria Worker‘s mother, Olya, taught her this recipe in their hometown, Camaguay, Cube, inspiring the booths name Olguita La Camagueyana.



Garlic Butter Shrimp

Beans, Rice, Pulled beef & Fried Plantain

Made with fresh ingredients each day, this delicious home cooked meal will satisfy all your needs, and keep you crawling back wanting more. It’s the perfect meal for when you are not sure what you’re craving, a wonderful energy booster, and a delicious new taste you owe to yourself to try.

Location: 1165 St Claire West

Contact: 647-764-3088

This Toronto based vendor location will be your highlight of the past year. Go try delicious traditional meals made by a wonderful, talented team that puts so much love in each dish, you can taste it!

You can find these delicious vendors on Instagram or walk in and say hi!

1165 St Clair West – Dufferin & St Claire


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