HelloFresh makes mealtime easy by taking the drama out of dinner.

A meal kit service that features fresh ingredients, saves you time in the kitchen, and is incredibly affordable? Sign us up! Say hello to HelloFresh – the answer to all of your mealtime questions.

The brand specializes in delivering everything you need to create delicious and nutritious dinners from scratch, plus it offers great value for money by allowing you to customize plans that best suit your needs. Not that you need any more convincing, but these are the reasons why we love HelloFresh and all the amazing benefits it has to offer.

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It’s a true time-saver because you spend less time shopping and more time learning how to create new and exciting meals the whole family will love! Now, you can choose from an array of tasty dishes that you can take pride in cooking from beginning to end. You also have the flexibility to personalize weekly plans that work for your mealtime needs. For instance, HelloFresh offers 20-minute meals that are perfect for those busy school or work weeknights!

Your wallet will thank you because HelloFresh works with trusted suppliers to source high-quality, fresh ingredients for you to incorporate into all of your dishes. You can expect only the best, with HelloFresh! With more choices to choose from every week and meals starting at $9.69 per person, now you can make the most out of mealtime.

In working towards a sustainable future, HelloFresh is the first global carbon-neutral meal kit company that helps support global and local environmentally friendly projects. The process has a green history from start to finish because the brand is truly sustainable in nature. The sourcing, packing, and shipping operations work together to generate less food waste than typical grocery stores, plus customers can feel good about signing up because they will ultimately discard less food by cooking and entertaining at home.

It’s delicious, convenient, and stress-free so it’s a win-win overall! HelloFresh has a knowledgeable culinary team that creates the brand’s recipes, ensuring that there really is something for everyone! Let HelloFresh know your likes and dislikes and the brand will recommend some delicious mealtime options. Now you can enjoy evenings again knowing that you don’t have to go through the hassle of asking, “What’s for dinner?” HelloFresh just wants to make your life simple with incredible food, easy prep, and little clean-up!


So how does it work? Let’s walk through it!

Start by picking a plan that works for you and your family. Select the number of people per plan, in addition to how many recipes you are looking to have delivered per week. Then, use your preference to choose from a selection of meal options such as; family-friendly, vegetarian, smart meals, or meat and veggies!

After you’ve chosen your plan, the excitement continues as you wait for your HelloFresh delivery to arrive at your doorstep! Each week you will receive simple step-by-step recipes that come with nutritional information and super fresh, pre-measured ingredients to ensure less food waste. We love how convenient the entire process is, especially with a lot of us working from home lately!

Next up, it’s time to whip up your delicious dinner! With HelloFresh it’s easy- just cook, eat and enjoy. Dinner with HelloFresh is a must-try because it’s meticulously planned, easy to prepare, and always super tasty! With tons of ever-changing recipes, mealtime is made fun because your whole family can enjoy a variety of new dishes.


HelloFresh is expanding quickly across Canada, with the brand currently delivering to 95% of the Canadian population! All boxes also contain an insulated liner and ice packs to help keep your food staying fresh at all times.

Make sure to check out HelloFresh.ca to sign up today!