Avril Lavigne has been spotted walking around Los Angeles with a luxurious diamond necklace! Is the jewelry really from Tyga? How expensive is it? HOLR investigates the news for you.

The necklace with the heavy price tag

As reported by Just Jared, celebrity jeweler Eric Mavani (who has also previously designed a piece of jewelry for Kim Kardashian) has said that the necklace Avril Lavigne wears is indeed a gift from Tyga. The flashy diamond necklace, which bears Lavigne’s name, allegedly was custom-made for no less than US$80,000 and is also studded with pink sapphires. Supposedly, Tyga ordered the necklace three weeks ago just before Paris Fashion Week.

A custom-made diamond necklace

Image credit: Instagram/ @ericdajeweler

We do not know so far what Lavigne’s ex-fiance Mod Sun’s reaction is to this news, but we can predict how his fans would react. During a gig in New York, Travie McCoy called Mod Sun one of the most loyal men he knows before suddenly launching into a profanity-laden chant about Tyga. Audience members joined in the Tyga-bashing chant.

The rumors about Tyga and Avril Lavigne possibly dating started not long after Lavigne announced that she broke off her engagement with Mod Sun. She and Tyga have been seen doing public displays of affection several times since, most recently during the Mugler x Hunter Schafer party.

Before being rumored to be Lavigne’s new boyfriend, Tyga was entangled with a couple of other female celebrities, including Blac Chyna, Kylie Jenner, and Iggy Azalea.

A necklace worth US$ 80,000

Image credit: Instagram/ @ericdajeweler

Avril Lavigne’s Edmonton Incident

Last week on March 13th, Avril Lavigne was in Edmonton for the Juno Awards ceremony. As noted by Toronto Sun, a topless protestor jumped onto the stage. The protestor, who was opposing Ontario’s Greenbelt development, stood next to Lavigne before the singer angrily told her to get off the stage.

A protestor interrupted Avril Lavigne

Image credit: Dale MacMillan/Getty Images

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