Are Trista Sutter and  Ryan Sutter getting a divorce? The Bachelorette star took to social media to address rumors.

Trista Sutter Divorce?

Following some cryptic posts by Trista’s husband, Ryan, on social media, Trista has come forward to address alleged divorce claims that have been circulating online recently here.

Trista Sutter Husband

In a lengthy Instagram caption, Trista states the below in reference to claims made about her and he husband’s relaitonship:

“Geez people. Can’t a girl have a nervous breakdown/trial separation/midlife crisis/death/divorce in peace around here?! In all seriousness, for those concerned, I’m safe and sound, happy and healthy, in love and grateful. For those who’d rather focus on being critical and searching way too hard for darkness, good luck with that.”

She also claims that “An opportunity for perspective and personal growth presented itself and with the unconditional support of my family and friends,” which may hint at where she has been lately.

Ryan had gone viral in recent weeks after social media posts such as this one hinted at missing his wife, sparking alleged divorce rumors. People in the comment section speculated if there was trouble in paradise following Ryan’s lengthy caption regarding his wife.

However, Trista’s recent post has seemingly debunked these claims after making light of the situation. Trista and her husband met on The Bachelorette in 2003 and have seemingly been inseparable ever since. They also share two children together.

Trista Sutter Special Forces

There were alleged rumors folaoating around that Trista may have been away filming Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, which she could’ve been subtly referencing in her caption- but this has not been confirmed. There is no evidence to support this claim as she did not dive into this alleged “opportunity for perspective and personal growth.”

What are your thoughts on Trista’s alleged whereabouts over recent time?

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