Are Kaitlyn Bristowe And Zac Clark dating? HOLR breaks down the rumors.

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Kaitlyn Bristowe And Zac Clark

Image Credit: @morganptalks TikTok

According to this TikTok video posted by user @morganptalks, rumors are floating around that Bachelor Nation’s Bristowe and Clark might be dating. This news follows images of the two together on New Year’s at Bristowe’s house party, making rounds online.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Zac Clark

Bristowe ended her engagement to ex-fiancé Jason Tartick back in 2023.  Clark was engaged to Tayshia Adams during her season as the Bachelorette and the two dated for over a year after their finale aired, seemingly before the two called their relationship quits in 2021.

The news of Bristowe and Clark spending New Year’s together shocked Bachelor nation as Bristowe and Adams famously co-hosted seasons 17 and 18 of The Bachelorette alongside Tayshia Adams.

Image Credit: @morganptalks TikTok

In an earlier post by @deuxmoi, as the TikToker explains, it was alleged that Tartick caught wind of the two of them supposedly being together, in which was seemingly reported that Bristowe didn’t deny talking to Clark after their breakup.

There were also reports of Clark liking Bristowe’s posts, and Tartick unfollowing Clark- but these claims do not verify alleged cheating allegations.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Cheating Response

Bristowe took to social media or share her side of the story after social media caught fire following these photos being released.

She posted the following stories to her Instagram account which claimed that no one knows the backstory or truth behind anything. This related article also notes that Bristowe took a more direct approach to calling out the rumors by commenting on a video of her and Clark at New Year’s with the following message:

“Hi! Here to say that there was never an ounce of cheating happening and I will not stand for this rumor. Y’all are NASTY in here. Anywho. Swear on my dogs lives. No cheating went on. So we can just put that to rest. Thank you!! Happy new year everyone. Go donate some blood or somethin!”

There you have it- it looks like the two are just good friends. What do you think about Bristowe responding to alleged cheating allegations?

Image Credit: @kaitlynbristowe Instagram

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