Picnic is one of the indispensable fun activities in the summer. However, do you know all the beautiful picnic places in Toronto? Please refer to the following list of places to have a relaxing and fun picnic with your family and friends. 


Picnic is one of the most popular summer activities for everyone. Going on a picnic not only helps us enjoy moments of relaxation and peace after tiring studying and working periods, but going on a picnic is also a time for each person to reunite and bond with family, relatives, or friends. Toronto is one of the cities in Canada with many views and extremely relaxing places for people to have a picnic date under the hot summer sun with beautiful nature. So do you know all these beautiful places? If not, this article will suggest fascinating and wonderful picnic destinations so you can enjoy peaceful moments with your loved ones this summer.

Riverdale Park East – 550 Broadview Avenue 


Riverdale Park East is one of the ideal destinations if you want to have a picnic while enjoying the beautiful sunset over the horizon. The park has an extremely spacious area, including sports fields, cycling paths, or exercise grounds. In particular, the grassy hill area is one of the most popular sports in the summer when people can both have a picnic and watch the city of Toronto from afar and watch the beautiful sunset.

High Park – 1873 Bloor Street West

High Park is a familiar destination for those living in Toronto and is also a popular tourist destination. This is a place that has attracted many people for picnics for many years, with the natural scenery from ponds, lakes to trees and creatures bringing a very peaceful feeling. High Park has a very spacious area, so you can freely choose your perfect spots to have your picnic. In particular, if you go in the spring, you will be able to see the beautiful cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

Toronto Island Park – 9 Queen’s Quay West 

island park

This is Toronto’s largest downtown park, with 230 hectares of passive and recreational parkland minutes away from the core. To reach this site, you will need to take the ferry that leaves the foot of Bay Street. This is a very suitable place for a weekend picnic to enjoy the view with the family and see the city of Toronto on the other island.

Trinity Bellwoods Park – 790 Queen Street West 

If you want to enjoy the hustle and bustle while having a picnic, then head to Trinity Bellwoods Park to soak up the bustling atmosphere here, with many other people coming to camp, exercise, or go for a walk. This park has a huge tennis court or a large yard for you to choose your favorite place to have your picnic comfortably.

Berczy Park – 35 Wellington Street East


Berczy Park is famous for its fountain with dog statues around it and the meaningful Flatiron Building mural. Although this park is not too large, it is highly suitable for you to have a picnic if you want to see a charming miniature square.

Grange Park – 26 Grange Rd. W 

grange park

Grange Park is located behind the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and a short distance to Queen West. This is an ideal place for families to have a picnic with young children because it has a convenient modern playground for children.

Dufferin Grove Park – 875 Dufferin Street 

Dufferin Grove Park is an excellent place with a sports field, swimming pool, children’s playground, and especially an area for you to have a picnic with family and friends under a very peaceful and relaxing natural setting.