Beekeeper’s Natural is a health and wellness brand, committed to introducing natural remedies as a healthy alternative to over-the-counter medicine. From Drew Barrymore to Cameron Diaz, Beekeeper’s Natural has received the stamp of approval from Hollywood’s elite. With an emphasis placed bee-produced ingredients, Beekpeeper’s Natural believes a healthy lifestyle can be accomplished through the use of natural remedies created by mother nature. 

The founder of Beekeeper’s Natural, Carly Stein, was inspired to create products made solely from natural, organic ingredients when she realized the level toxicity and commonality of dangerous side-effects among over-the-counter medicines. The syrups and pills we are told are supposed to help us regain our health, are often filled with artificial colouring and harmful ingredients. By “reinventing the medicine cabinet,” Beekeeper’s Natural hopes to rebuild the level of trust you have in health remedies and ultimately reinvent the way you look at what belongs in the medicine cabinet. 

One of their best selling products, the B.Powered therapeutic honey, is critically acclaimed for its multi-use purposes and various health benefits. Whether you prefer to have it drizzled over your yogurt or decide to wear it as a face mask, the B.Powered therapeutic honey’s health benefits can be incurred in a number of ways. Described as; “the most powerful honey in the world,” the B.Powered therapeutic honey is a combined blend of the most heavenly ingredients, including; royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, and raw honey. Products by Beekeeper’s Natural are created to aid in increasing energy levels; it is recommended to take a teaspoon of this therapeutic honey once a day, either in the mornings or before intense workouts. 

Being a company whose products are incredibly reliant on the health of the bee population, Beekeeper’s Natural avidly promotes the importance of sustainable practices. As we all know, bees are extremely critical to our ecosystem; without them, we wouldn’t have a variety of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Beekeeper’s Natural understands the severe consequences if we don’t help prevent the bees from facing extinction, and in doing so, they have taken several steps to avoid this. Roles taken on by Beekeeper’s Natural to prevent the extinction of bees include; placing green apiaries far from harmful chemicals, making sure all hives and remedies are pesticide-free and committing a 10% portion of profits from their apparel line to support bee research. Products by Beekeeper’s Natural are some of the best health remedies on the market. For more information, you can visit their website at