The global lifestyle brand, Away, has launched an array of new travel accessories designed to provide comfort and practicality for all travelers. 

COVID-19 has put a halt on traveling since last March. Now, traveling is a little more accessible and if you take all precautions, it can be a great experience, just as it used to be. This new collection not only is ideal for air travel, but it is also perfect for long road trips or weekend getaways. 

It doesn’t matter the location; they will be so helpful and make your trip much easier and comfortable. 

The products are designed with a comfortable state of mind. After many months in lockdown, everyone got used to the comfiness of home, which is why the line includes a face mask, sleep mask, neck pillow, a travel blanket, and compression socks. 

With facemasks, there is always the fear of them not being protective enough; with the Away face mask you do not need to worry about that. It has an antimicrobial finish on the outer fabric, and an antimicrobial pouch to put it safely away without worrying about dirty surfaces. It comes with disposable inner filters and it is machine washable. You can find it available in black and navy and two different sizes. 

The sleep mask is a very innovative product. It has the same antimicrobial finish on the outer fabric, and it is machine washable. It is extra soft with an interior mold that keeps ayes free to move. 

The neck pillow is another great product. It is made with the same technology as the face mask and sleep mask. It comes with an adjustable strap and a very comfortable interior with padding to keep your neck and your head supported. It’s made with dynamic thermoregulation and a pouch to put it away for safe travel. With three different color combinations available, it is the perfect item for traveling. 

Compression socks are always a must when traveling. They are ideal to reduce swelling and cramping. Away compression socks feature an anti-odor technology that makes them perfect for a long trip and multiple wears. They have a quick-dry finish after washing. They come with a minimal amount of seams which gives great support and comfort, and 45% of the fabric is made out of organic cotton. They are the perfect addition to your travel essentials. 

These new travel accessories are ideal for comfortable travel and to ensure a trip with no hassle. They are available for purchase exclusively at their online store.