Bella Hadid Opens Up About Stepping away from Modelling with the Launch of New Brand ‘Orebella’.

Bella Hadid, renowned supermodel, is making waves in the beauty industry as she takes a step back from modelling to pursue her entrepreneurial aspirations. With the launch of her new brand, ‘Orebella,’ Hadid is redefining her career trajectory and prioritizing her passion for fragrance and skincare.


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Why did Bella Step Back From Modelling?

After a decade-long career in modelling, Bella Hadid has decided to shift her focus away from the runway and towards new opportunities, embracing a new chapter in Texas with her boyfriend. This decision reflects her commitment to prioritizing her mental and physical well-being, as she seeks a more balanced lifestyle away from the pressures of the fashion industry.

Bella Hadid Texas

By relocating to Texas and focusing on her personal life and her new brand ‘Orebella’, Bella has found a sense of authenticity and freedom, no longer feeling the need to “put on a fake face.” Instead, she chooses to prioritize genuine self-care and embraces a more relaxed approach to beauty and social engagements.

Bella Hadid’s New Brand ‘Orebella’

Bella Hadid unveils her latest venture, ‘Orebella,’ a beauty brand centered around fragrance and skincare. With the launch of her fragrance collection, Hadid aims to create a line of products that embody her love for scent and empower individuals to feel confident and in control of their surroundings.

Bella Hadid's New Fragrances 'Orebella'

The perfume packaging, featuring crystal-shaped bottles and a biphase formula, has become a social media sensation, offering consumers an interactive fragrance experience. ‘Orebella’ represents a new chapter in Hadid’s career, where she channels her creativity and passion into building a brand that resonates with consumers seeking authenticity and luxury in their self-care routines.

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