Fashion is a cycle: As each season sleeps and the next awakes, trends and styles emerge and re-emerge to meet the world.

This year, the fashion world has been re-acquainted with vintage — from chokers to platform shoes, fashion lovers can’t possibly resist the nostalgia. At HOLR, we are all about trying different styles, so if you have not already dabbled in recycled trends, here’s a guide that will keep you stylish and fabulous for the new year.

Belt Bag

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Fashion’s favourite hands-free accessory has made a(nother) comeback. The 1980s cult-classic belt bag revival is chicer than ever. This time around, though, these hip huggers are super sleek and compact, an improvement from the neon polyester pouches you’re probably accustomed to seeing. The fanny pack belt was restored on an expansive range of catwalks, from Alexander Wang to Karl Lagerfeld, and now, socialites and fashionista alike are jumping on the movement.

Micro Sunglasses

Another nostalgic accessory has made a return, but this time we’re reimagining a different era: the 90s. Although it isn’t entirely practical for actually blocking out the sun (who said fashion has to be functional, anyway), micro-framed sunglasses continue to be just as much of an “it” piece today as they were two decades ago. Tiny specs were worn by every cool girl that we still cannot get enough of such as Aaliyah and Lisa Bonet. Even Rihanna loves them. The return of these retro shades is also favoured by socialite and model Bella Hadid as well as fashion bloggers.

Vinyl Leather Trench Coat

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The Matrix’s 90s dystopian style of vinyl leather coats is a notable look that made a recent grand re-debut in the world of fashion. The coat does not need assistance when pairing it with an outfit because it is its own power statement. Celebrities and street stylers adore this timeless piece, and who wouldn’t – this coat draws a great deal of attention. Try this style with the small lenses and intensify your new year with this staple trench!

Mini Purse

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As silly as it may sound, having a micro-purse is one of the biggest statements that is being made this season. Handbags are known to carry all the essential items such as a wallet, keys, your phone and any other item that is critical to your needs. Mini purses have switched the script and are made to equip your ID and possibly lipstick (all for the love of fashion). Though some my not be ready to leave everything behind – in light of the new year, we recommend this trying this trend. As the saying goes “less is more”.

Which resurfaced trend will you be rocking this year? Show us your best looks on Twitter and Instagram @HolrMagazine.