People travel because of different reasons. Some enjoy the beautiful nature, others are inspired by the rich historical background of the country, while the majority of travellers enjoy the idea of experiencing a foreign culture. Some tourist destinations are popular and they attract thousands of tourists from all around the world, while some of them are still unknown and need to be discovered. No matter to which category of travellers you belong to, there definitely isn’t a shortage of travelling destinations that fulfill the needs of a backpacker, a globetrotter, or a holidaymaker.
Gambling Holiday Destinations

Gambling is a popular sport tracing back to ancient history. Some of the first forms of casino games have appeared in 16th- century Italy, and the idea has soon spread in neighbouring countries like France and Spain. There are many land-based casinos across the globe, from Las Vegas-style to hotel resorts. Poker, roulette, and blackjack are some of the most popular casino games on Surely, there isn’t a lack of gambling destinations that will suit the needs of a gambling enthusiast.

Las-Vegas Style Gambling

Las Vegas has a long time been considered the gambling center of the world, while other places like Macau in China have a rapidly growing casino industry. If you feel like your holiday destination is not exciting enough, add some adrenaline to your travelling experience by visiting one of these gambling destinations. 

Except for gambling, these travelling destinations have a lot to offer to tourists coming from all around the world who want to have exciting gameplay while enjoying the local cuisine and culture of the local nation. The following tourist destinations are rapidly growing into one of the most developed gambling centers in the world. 

Manchester, the United Kingdom

When it comes to gambling in the UK, Manchester is definitely one of the names that you will most probably hear in the gambling community. It has a growing casino industry and a few places are already well-popular gambling centers in the country gathering local and international visitors. Manchester 235 is a casino located in the city center of Manchester. Grosvenor Casino Didsbury is another popular choice in the city established in 1970. It’s part of a chain of casinos in the country, and the number of visitors exceeds 1.7 million annually. There definitely isn’t a lack of entertainment in this casino as there are more than 250 games that players can choose to play.
Macau, China

Macau is part of the Portuguese colonial part of India. It soon won the title “gambling capital of the world”, competing against Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. The gambling tourism in Macau is definitely on the rise, taking about 50% of the total economy. As of 2019, there are 41 casinos in Macau. Out of them, 24 are located on the Macau Peninsula and 17 are located on Taipa Island. Venetian Macau is the biggest casino in the city and the second-largest casino in the country. All of these casinos hold government franchises and it’s the only part of China where gambling is fully legal. Grand Lisboa is the first casino to feature live dealer table games.

There are many other tourist destinations that offer a high level of excitement that won’t leave you empty-pocketed. 

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