It’s easy to forget your exterior when you’re renovating your home. However, there are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed if you start with the outside of your house. Below, we explore why exterior design is important and some of the best upgrades you can make to your property.

Why is exterior design important?

Exterior design is crucial for your home. After all, it’s the first thing a visitor will see when you invite them over. The first impression your home makes can set the tone for the rest of the visit. On top of this, renovating your exterior can add extra value to your home, making it an excellent investment. Finally, it can also kickstart wider renovations to completely overhaul your home.


Your roofing is often one the quickest parts of the exterior of your home to age. If it’s looking outdated and covered in moss, then it could be time to move on and upgrade it. One excellent option for this is using Spanish slate for roofing. With a sleek black slate finish, your home will suddenly look modern and stylish to visitors. 

Painting and repainting

Adding colour to the exterior of your home can give it a new lease of life. This can be applied to your door, window frames and more. Just remember that different colours can evoke different moods or illusions. For instance, light, neutral colours can make your home appear more spacious, as well as reflecting sunlight. Meanwhile, bright, vibrant colours like orange can lead to more creative thinking. By combining colours accordingly, you can revamp your home’s exterior.


Gardening is an excellent way to boost the exterior of your home. And it doesn’t have to be too costly: simply weeding your drive and flowerbeds, or regularly clipping and edging your grass can make a massive difference. But if you’re a keen gardener, you could consider designing and adding some beautiful flowerbeds to sparkle at the front of your home. What’s more, gardening can be an extremely therapeutic way to spend your free time, providing you with many benefits.

Exterior lighting

Adding exterior lighting can improve your home’s appearance too – especially at night. Solar lights are a magical, cost-effective way of doing this as they don’t need to be connected to electricity. Alternatively, you could light your porch up with some fairy lights or a lamp to cosily welcome guests.

Home renovations can be daunting – especially if they’re expensive and time-consuming. But there are many exterior renovations that won’t cost much. Just pick an option above and you’ll be on your way to refreshing your home’s appearance. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.