Graphic tees, baggy sweaters, silk pyjamas and kilt skirts, all these items are iconic pieces to your favourite tv characters wardrobe. 

Yes, this entire first sentence could describe the cast of Schitt’s Creek, but now, today we focus on 4 iconic tv shows that have shaped our love for them based on the clothes each character wears. 

From Schitt’s Creek to Black-ish, and High Fidelity to Euphoria, we’re telling you what they’re wearing that makes you want to just go out and buy it all. 

Sorry, Catherine O’Hara but Dan Levy’s David Rose might just be the show favourite for best style. David was introduced to the world in 2015 and right off the bat, we knew he would be one of tv’s most fashionable as soon as we saw him. 

David’s most recognizable and re-worn pieces would be his Maison Margiela rings, his Alexander McQueen Kilt, and of course the Rick Owens hightops. Although very expensive many of these came from his personal closet or his connection with friends in the fashion world. 

Another iconic and expensive wardrobe goes to Anthony Anderson’s character in Black-ish. It was clear in the show that the brands he wears represent his character well, a highly stylish, wealthy man. 

Anderson is seen wearing many luxury brands like Gucci, Palm Angels and again Alexander McQueen. But the best part of most of his looks would be what you almost never see, his shoes. Anderson himself loves his shoes, and when you get a good shot you can see him wearing Jordans, Gucci, and Off-White sneakers. 

For a more one-of-a-kind style, Zoe Kravitz’s character in High Fidelity is hard to beat. From her Hawian shirts to her leather jacket, all these pieces can’t be found anywhere for you to buy for your own personal closet. Of course, it is easy to replicate, like her rock band t-shirts or her platform boots, but there is nobody but Zoe who can pull off these pieces together seamlessly. 

A close second or even fashion sister to Kravitz would be Zendaya. Zendaya herself just like Zoe is known for her iconic style, but it is her character she portrays in Euphoria that is a totally different level. 

Zendaya’s character Rue is mostly seen in a big burgundy sweater and high top converse. But, much like Zoe’s character, Zendaya’s character also wears a lot of graphic shirts, some Hawaiian,

some mechanic and some even psychedelic. Much to our surprise we cannot pinpoint the brands of any of her clothing and conclude that once again these pieces are one-offs that need to be thrifted. 

Now that you know the looks, the brands, and how to find them, next time you go thrifting take a look at the Hawian shirts, or go through the crew necks to find a nice knit sweater. Once you’re all done, you’ll be fit to play the roles just as well as they did.

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