Everyone has their go-to beauty product — one that has become a staple in their beauty routine day in, day out and one that they run out to the store to stock up on the second it runs out.

To find out what some of these holy grail beauty products are, we spoke to the experts. Below, four fashionable Toronto men –  including a PR professional, a lifestyle influencer, a fashion designer and a model, dish on what their all-time favourite beauty products are and why they can’t live without them. Here’s what they have to say:

Kiehls Creme_de_CorpsDouble Duty Face Moisturizer by Jack Black

Abdulla Khatib – Blogger at Muscles and Tussels

Creme de Corps by Kiehl’s and Double Duty Face Moisturizer by Jack Black

When it comes to favourites, Abdulla has a tie between two skincare products, one for his body and one for his face. For his body, he reaches for Kiehl’s. He says, “the body lotion is simple, scentless and doesn’t feel greasy. It’s second nature for me to lather it on after a shower or during the day.”

For his face, Abdulla uses Jack Black, a brand that specializes in skincare for men. “The facial moisturizer is fantastic because it has SPF protection,” Abdulla explains, “and it’s a lightly scented product that feels super light as well.”

first aid beauty face cleanser Lush intergalactic bath bomb

Michael Zoffranieri – Fashion Designer at Zoff

Face Cleanser by First Aid Beauty and Intergalactic Bath Bomb by LUSH

Michael’s favourite products include a trusty facial cleanser for everyday use, and a LUSH bath bomb for when he wants to pamper himself. “I LOVE the fab First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser,” he says, “I got a Sephora loyalty card just for that (lol).”

On more special occasions, he’ll reach for the LUSH bath bomb. He explains, “I like to spoil myself with the Intergalactic bath bomb from LUSH. A bit of prosecco, a bath bomb and some Nina Simone and I’m Feeling Good.”


Halen Yau – PR Manager

EGF Serum by BIOEFFECT, available at Holt Renfrew

Halen’s favourite beauty product is one that works wonders while he sleeps. He says, “I absolutely can’t live without my BIOEFFECT EGF Serum. All you need is four drops before bed for a fresh face in the morning, even if you’re only on a few hours of sleep. No additional toner or moisturizer needed. Every busy (lazy) guy’s dream!” There is no denying that this product gives the term “beauty sleep” a whole new meaning.

Riversol travel kit

Stephen Price – Model


Instead of a single product, Stephen claims that there is an entire skincare line that he spends his money on. Riversol, Stephen explains, “is a brand that’s committed to exceeding it’s customers expectations regardless of continued loyalties with the brand itself.” Why does he like this Vancouver-based skincare line so much? He says, “the formula has a positive reaction like no other on market with my skin (and every other person I convince to try it)!” Sold.

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