Redefine your idea of adventure with these stunning staycation destinations!

Sometimes, the best travel memories are made in the most unlikely of places: home. A vacation is more than just a destination; oftentimes, it’s about how you spend your time with yourself and your loved ones.

As summer approaches, so does the anticipation and thrill of landing in a new country, adjusting to jet lag, and scheduling trips to one tourist destination after the other. However, in many countries, Covid-19 restrictions may cause us to redesign our travel plans. Plus, curating your itinerary around tourist destinations can take away from the true adventure and excitement of travelling.

But it’s certainly possible to curate a fun, memorable experience in your home country. Often dubbed as a ‘staycation’, these homebound vacations are equal parts exciting and relaxing. Moreover, they can give you a brand-new perspective on travel.

What is a Staycation?

A staycation is a blend of ‘stay’ing at home and a classic ‘vacation’. It’s a planned getaway that doesn’t include long-distance travel. Although the idea of a staycation is rather broad, it often includes adventures such as: week-long trips to a nearby resort or cabin, taking a trip to a provincial park, or even exploring a new city from another state or province.

There’s no limit to the memories you can make if you choose the right staycation destination for you. So, we’ve curated a list of the best destination for a staycation in the US and Canada.

Banff, Alberta

With the stunning backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, this Alberta town is a perfect blend of peaceful and adventurous travel. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, luxury traveller, or simply want a romantic getaway, Banff is the perfect place for you. Visitors can spend their time hiking through Banff National Park, taking in the stunning view of the gorgeous Lake Louise, or even relax at a spa after a long day.

Banff Staycation

New York City, New York

New York City is a place that many describe as being indescribable. More often than not, this city brings out the adventurous, excited side of people; it makes them feel limitless and free. Not only is New York a favourite tourist destination for many people across the world, it also has many hidden gems to discover if you’ve already been there before. Returning visitors can skip the tourist spots and head straight to a hidden gem location, or even walk around the city’s many aesthetic neighbourhoods and discover their own NYC hidden gems.

New York City

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls, ON is the perfect blend of exciting activities and natural beauty. Take a mini-trip to the small city and explore its many arcades or tourist attractions like haunted houses, ferris wheels, and more. Visitors can even take a trip further outside the city and explore the many vineyards and ranches scattered throughout the area.

Niagara Falls Staycation

Miami, Florida

Miami is the destination for visitors who love tourist attractions such as Disneyland, as well as relaxing days out, for example, window shopping from the city’s many stores, or spending the day at the beach. Its near-perfect weather, lovely atmosphere, and many restaurants make it a fun destination to explore if you haven’t already!

Miami Beach

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal certainly captures the dizzying beauty of travelling a new city. The multifaceted city brings together stunning skyscrapers with 17th and 18th century architecture, making the city just as exciting to explore for the first time as it is for the hundredth. Its beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets, gorgeous bakeries, French cafés, and bustling marketplaces make for a perfect exploring trip. Moreover, its bustling nightlife scene and arts and culture centres are certainly unique to the city, making it extremely exciting to visit.



California has several stunning cities, but San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are certainly the ones most adored by travellers. Explore the natural attractions of San Diego: the city zoo, La Jolla cove, or even Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. Or explore San Diego’s unique culture: its quaint, aesthetic stores, its stunning streets, and its unique street art. Los Angeles is perfect for visitors who enjoy exploring tourist destinations, arts and culture centres, and walking through bustling streets. California certainly welcomes visitors both new and returning, and can be the perfect destination for a staycation.

San Francisco