Escapism, simply put is intentional detachment from the “real world” or one’s everyday life. Most people practise it to divert from unpleasant & uninteresting aspects of their lives. Commonly seen at the top of most people’s bucket list is excursion; otherwise known as Travel – usually driven by the will of avoiding certain difficulties.

Such travellers believe that taking a break from their stressful lives will solve their issues, only to learn that their problems follow them around everywhere they go. Honestly ask yourself this – will the pictures you take on your vacation truly depict beatitude or they’ll just be other phony images to flaunt on Instagram & filter your reality?  Yes, it is every second person’s aspiration to book a ticket & hop on a plane & find themselves on a location other than their own every now and again but discovering the intention thereof is pivotal. Travelling is primarily meant to shift our headspace, repaint our headspace & ultimately expand our horizon. However, when approached in a negative light, its benefits can easily be missed & make the whole journey unfavourable. 

In light of setting a travel intention – you’re not doing this just for the sake of it. This act can serve as a lens through which you view your trip ahead & sets a contour of your stay. In so doing, you’ll be able to make far better decisions about how you want to spend your time & achieve your travelling goal(s). It has been proven that the benefits of travelling are not just a temporary effect, visiting various places changes you psychologically. This is because when we do something different, especially in an unfamiliar place our brains become overly stimulated & encourages personal growth altogether. This may comprise: learning, self-discovery, forging new relations  & wallowing within the fun of adventure. 

  • Most travellers are constantly in awe of the many life lessons they acquire during the period of their trips. Valuable lessons like the history & human race are equipped into their knowledge as they continually journey. 
  • Self-discovery is one of the fundamental aspects of humankind. What better way than utilizing your trip to reach that spiritual fulfilment of knowing yourself. A flexy itinerary can offer you a sense of clarity, perspective & self-awareness. 
  • The connections that are built during vacations in foreign countries can promote a global understanding of each other’s culture. Seemingly trivial things like food, music & language can strengthen a bond between two people from different countries. So these are the aspects that can be explored when interacting with others on your trip. 
  • How can we forget the thrill of it all – adventure! Activities like climbing mountains, bungee jumping & the like can test the boundaries of our comfort domain, gauge our abilities, expose fears & offer us an opportunity to develop the lacking or weak parts.

All these points trace back to the unruffled fact that states: Travelling beyond your vicinity is crucial to gain exposure to the world at large. 

With that being said, it is not your big suitcase that is of utmost importance when you’re on a quest of pilgrimaging to a different country, but an open mind that is readily available to soak in all the new experiences & teachings. As you travel & discover these newly found worlds, you’ll emerge as a well-rounded human being. 


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