When you’ve been spending endless hours cooped up in a pandemic lockdown at home, the mind starts wandering and flights of fancy take hold. You start imagining yourself traveling, exploring places near and far. Perhaps a fantastic trip to New York or San Francisco with their unique neighborhoods, four-star international cuisine and stunning sights to see. Or maybe a once in a lifetime journey to the great beaches of the United States sounds more like a dream come true? The calm rhythm of the ocean waves and the sweet kiss of endless ocean meeting deep blue sky is the perfect recipe to soothe the soul in times like these.

There are so many amazing beaches along the coast of the United States. With over 95,000 miles of shoreline, America is home to picturesque oceanfront settings that range from the rugged shores of Maine to the tranquil waters of the Gulf Coast. Southern California has iconic beaches often featured in Hollywood films and along the Oregon coast you’ll be mesmerized by sea stacks and lush forests. Alaska is home to a vast coastline barely touched by civilization and Hawaii boasts some of the world’s best-known beaches and a chilled aloha vibe.

The Tranquil Ocean Shore of Mendocino, California

Mendocino is where you go if you are looking for the quintessential, picture postcard ocean scene. The sweet beauty of the ocean, the sound of gulls overhead and the gentle rhythm of the waves cascading into the bluffs below bestow a deep sense of peace upon your being. You can enjoy kayaking along the shore and champagne sunsets are a delight almost every day. You’ll also enjoy staying in one of Mendocino’s world-renowned B&Bs. There are flowers in bloom everywhere, and the sleepy little hamlet is home to some great artists, coffee shops and bakeries. It’s wonderful to stroll the area or go on hikes, and there are even redwood trees to be found.

Award Winning Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida

When you have been the top-rated beach in America not once, but twice, you definitely hold bragging rights. The brilliant white sands of Siesta Key beach, which are composed of quartz-crystal, are the perfect complement to the turquoise waters and the deep blue horizon of the Gulf of Mexico. The sand is wonderful and powdery and stays cool to the touch on even the hottest Florida days. You’ll find yourself enjoying the warm, tranquil waters of the Gulf and there are lots of vacation attractions nearby too. To take your vacation and relaxation to the next level, If you are a resident of the Sunshine State, it’s now possible to get your medical marijuana card in minutes because NuggMD is in Florida now. With this service you simply go online and answer a few health questions. You are then connected to a medical professional who can quickly and easily review your situation and, if approved, give you the certificate you need to get your MMJ card. You only pay if you are approved.

The Red Sand Beach of Hana, Maui

Hawaii is home to so many noteworthy and amazing beaches. There is incredible snorkeling and you’ll find yourself mesmerized as you drift along in the current and see the colorful fish and coral in the water below. Whale watching is also available, and provides a true understanding of the magic of life in the great Pacific. Every year, from December to April, over 10,000 humpback whales migrate to Maui. It’s truly a holy experience when you find yourself next to a mother whale and her newborn calf. One of the most incredible beaches on Maui is the hidden red sand beach in Hana, Maui. Lots of tourists come to experience the seven sacred pools and the waterfalls in Hana. If you follow a little-known trail, you can hike along the edge of a red cinder cone volcano and reach a wonderful red sand beach. It’s a perfect place to get in the ocean as there is a protective natural rock seawall there. If you go snorkeling make sure to look for a magnificent Hawaiian sea turtle, or honu, to appear.

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