World-renowned performer, Beyoncé, just announced a Renaissance World Tour scheduled for this year!

Beyoncé World Tour 

Get excited! Beyoncé took to her Instagram to announce a Renaissance World Tour, igniting excitement amongst fans across the globe. According to the star’s social media, a Renaissance World Tour is coming in 2023.

Check out the full post on the star’s Instagram here.


Image Credit: Beyoncé Instagram

Beyoncé Tour Dates

Check out this website for Beyoncé’s Renaissance official tour dates. The website currently outlines dates and venues.

According to this article, the star is kicking off the United States’ leg of the tour “on July 12 in Philadelphia, and will include other city stops such as Chicago, New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, and Las Vegas.”

Beyoncé Reddit

Reddit users have taken to the platform to comment about the latest news and interact with one another’s posts about the upcoming tour. The platform is also being used to ask questions about the upcoming tour, in which fans are questioning when tickets will become available for purchase.

Beyoncé Dubai

Beyoncé’s latest announcement comes after her Dubai show as noted here, in which the star took home approximately $24 million for her performance. Plus, after the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster fiasco, Beyoncé’s highly anticipated tour may break Ticketmaster as mentioned here.

Will you be looking to snag tickets to the sought-after tour of the year?

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