Blac Chyna Reacts To Photos Of Her Post-Filler Removal

Blac Chyna took to Instagram on Friday to reflect on old pictures of her when she had an excessive amount of filler.


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“Bruh 😂😅❤️♾️🙏🏽🏆 please slide,” She captioned the photo. Fans took to the comments to share their thoughts about the pictures claiming, ‘They told her so.’

One user commented,

“We tried to tell you sis but you would cuss us out 😍”

Another commented,

“You’re literally SO beautiful. I’m so sorry it took you so long to realize what you had naturally but I’m glad you did. You’re gorgeous.”

‘That Face Was Looking Crazy’

In a video attached to the old pictures, White [Blac Chyna] admitted she was going through old pictures and was stunned.

“Good morning guys. I’m about to get up. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Why, I was looking at old pictures? Guys…that face was looking crazy,” She says.

Image Credit: blacchyna/Instagram

“Like that first picture, that was a few months before I, like, took out all the filler. Look at my lips. The lips went down. Thank God.”

She ends off her video by giving some words of advice to the ladies who follow her claiming, ‘Filler isn’t worth it.’

“Like, I look so much better. Ladies, that ain’t the way, Oh, I love you guys. Please don’t do the filler. It is not worth it.”

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