An engagement ring is one of the most important and special parts to show your appreciation for someone and your commitment to them as a partner for life. Many engagements rings are hard to choose for that special someone, especially for those who want their ring to be as unique as the person they are giving it to. 

bluboho is a female-founded, Toronto-based brand that makes one-of-a-kind engagement rings based around stones sourced by the brand themselves. Each engagement ring can be customizable to the style and shape the client wants, all set around unique stones, like emeralds instead of classic white diamonds. Each ring is one of a kind so that special someone has a ring-like no others. 

The name “blu” is to represent the water and the sky, creating the notion of endless love and possibilities, while “boho” represents the free-spirited lifestyle, and the uniqueness of the brand, gems, and jewelry altogether, allowing each piece created bluboho to represent a love that is endless and free-spirited and showcased through the beloved collection of engagement rings they create. 

This Toronto-based brand has 2 brick and mortar storefronts located in Toronto and their flagship store in Oakville, with an e-commerce store that has a wide range of rings, engagement rings, necklaces and earrings. bluboho sketches settings and designs specifically around the hand-selected stone. Each ring is one of a kind, has a setting created to accentuate the stone itself, creating an effortless feel that captures the heart. 

They are an ethically sourced company, sourcing their gold, diamonds and gems conflict-free. As each stone and gem is uniquely sourced and chosen by the brand no ring is created twice, meaning that each and every engagement ring is special to the owner and nobody will have a ring like yours. bluboho prides itself on creating rings that are tokens of love, a symbol that is designed and handcrafted for the free-spirited bride. 

Many brides want to achieve the most beautiful and unique rings, and with bluboho they can do just that. Traditional rings can be expensive and mass-produced for many brides with the same taste, with bluboho, you will never think twice. The company also offers personal appointments to brides-to-be and soon-to-be fiance’s, which can be booked both online and through the @bluboho Instagram account. This appointment is an important part of the experience for bluboho, and a great opportunity to find the perfect ring.

Eclipse One-Of-A-Kind: $4,498

An eclipse is a moment of perfect alignment when the sun and moon meet each other in celestial harmony and share their light in unity. this ring’s half eternity band expresses the union between two different souls by featuring alternating baguettes and round brilliant white diamonds.

Airglow One-Of-A-Kind: $13,998

Airglow is the phenomenon wherein the night sky never appears truly dark even though the sun has taken shelter below the horizon. like a love that burns peacefully and eternally even when two soulmates are far apart, the luminescent presence of that which gives us light and life can never be extinguished, not even by the darkest night.

Radiate One-Of-A-Kind: $6,998

Made to capture the feeling of love radiating through your every breath when you find yourself in a new season with your beloved by your side. The radiate ring is a one-of-a-kind beauty born out of wonder, made to unite lovers eternally.

Hand-crafted and created in Toronto, bluboho’s unique jewelry and rings are fairly priced for how unique each ring is. Ranging from $3,400 to $25,000 depending on the ring, and the gemstones used. Even at the starting price of $3,400, you will be getting a token of love that is crafted for you and you only.