Hollywood stars lend their voices to animated characters of “Pandemica, a world where the pandemic goes on forever”. The short-animated series aims to raise awareness about the lack of access to COVID-19 vaccines in more than 130 countries.

Time Magazine (December 2015).

The ONE Campaign, co-founded by U2’s Bono, is global health and anti-poverty organization. It recently released this seven-episode series which presents different characters in situations where they struggle with getting the vaccine.

It illustrates “the realities for people in low-income countries as they wait to receive the COVID-19 vaccine” the ONE Campaign website states. It aims to “raise awareness and explain the critical importance of getting vaccines to all countries as quickly as possible”.

Another objective of the animated series is to reduce skepticism around getting a vaccine. Stars urge people to feel secure and follow steps in getting in touch with high-level health care professionals if needed to solve questions and be confident about taking a vaccine.

One of the voices, David Oyelowo (Selma, 2014) says this is something that affects everyone. “I understand people who may be shy of talking about it, because they may have their own questions as well, but this has affected all of humanity, I consider it a duty to do my part,” he told PEOPLE.

The ONE Campaign also invites the audience to sign a petition to support these efforts. In addition, they urge leaders of countries rich in vaccines. Like the open letter to President Joe Biden, where they encourage him to allow the USA to share the oversupply of vaccines with the world.

The Executive Director for Global Policy, ONE, David McNair told Euronews “the risk is if the virus is reaching anywhere, it will mutate and come back and become resistant to the existing vaccines and that’s what this animation tries to present”. 

Wanda Skyes, Penelope Cruz, Patrick Adams, Michael Sheen, Bono, Kumail Nanjiani, Nick Kroll and Phoebe Robinson featured in the characters’ voices. The series was illustrated by Andrew Rae with animation by Titmouse and music and sound design by father. It was created and produced in partnership with hive