Are Brad Mondo and Sophia La Corte dating? HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @laurenisgossip, fans are wondering if hairstylist Brad Mondo and Sophia La Corte are in a relationship as they have been seemingly teasing the internet lately.

Brad Mondo And Sophia La Corte Relationship Dating Rumors Brad Mondo Hair

As noted in the video, Brad and his podcast co-host- Sophia- have seemingly implied that they’re in a relationship which has in turn caused the internet to freak out as Brad has always been open with his sexuality.

The Brad and Sophia content – where the duo looks super cozy- has been wildly circulating online, with both of them allegedly not addressing comments. This has led the internet to speculate. However, Brad liked one comment about this alleged “relationship” seemingly becoming a new hair product promo.

Although the pair have allegedly not addressed these relationship rumors, the TikToker believes that this is “all PR” and that Brad is just creating buzz for a new product launch.

What do you think?!

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Image Credit: @laurenisgossip TikTok