A temporary restraining order against Margera has been granted following an alleged death threat.

According to PageSix, 28-year-old Daniel Cardenas has been granted a temporary restraining order against Bam Margera, as the Jackass alumn has allegedly threatened his life.

Bam Margera

Photo Credits: TMZ.com

As TMZ firstly mentioned, Margera has allegedly broken into the man’s home in the middle of the night and threatened his life. “You have 12 hours to leave the house or I will kill you with my brass knuckles,” Bam supposedly said. As Cardenas wrote in his complaint, his roommate has heard the noise and made Margera leave the house. However, he allegedly came back shortly and threatened the man again. “You have 12 seconds to leave.” Bam supposedly said.

Bam Margera Jessica

Photo Credits: Instagram / @bam__margera

As TMZ continues, Daniel wrote in the document that the incident links to a previous arrest of Margera. In early March, he was arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend.

Cardenas mentioned that Jessica, Margera’s supposed partner, and her daughter have been living in his house ever since the incident. In the document, the man added that Margera have gotten mad at him as the daughter had been exposed to loud sex noises. “All I can figure is Jessica told Bam about the loud sex which her daughter overheard and this is why he was so upset, although it of course gives him no right to attack me, threaten my life, or kick me out of a home he has no rights to.” Daniel said, as TMZ mentions.

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